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yorkO))) 04-20-2013 08:48 PM

Speedwolf -- Arvada, CO -- April 20th, 2013
[B]Saturday, April 20th @ Black And Read. Arvada, CO[/B]

Just a small performance in celebration of Record Store Day. How the band managed to set up an entire rig in the corner of this cluttered record shop is amazing. Before it started, I figured it was going to be a tad awkward with about 30 people scattered across the store watching as opposed to your standard metal gig. But the band made it fun, cracking jokes in between songs, sharing a beer with the employees, and giving props to the store (which carries all forms of Speedwolf's merch in house) By the middle of the set everyone in the place was headbanging, and a couple of the younger thrashers up front even lifted one of their own up to crowdsurf a total of about 8 feet (to which lead singer Reed amusingly commented mid song "Wow, so, uh, that's really happening")

The band hung around after their set to talk music and records with the patrons and sell some swag (their special RSD release was a special limited to 8 copies of their "Ride With Death" cd release show...on VHS) , and while they didn't have the vinyl version of their debut with them, I settled for buying the cd instead. Great performance overall, and I cant wait to hit up their May 12th show for a proper Speedwolf set.

Up All Night
I Am The Demon
Speedwolf :rocker:
Iron Fist (Motorhead Cover)
I Cant Die
Denver 666

mankvill 04-20-2013 08:58 PM

loooove these guys. saw them in a basement on Easter last year.

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