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mankvill 04-08-2013 11:05 PM

Fu Manchu -- Kansas City, MO -- April 8th, 2013
Riffing, thy name is Fu Manchu. The semi-legendary stoner rock band came to Kansas City on really the first warm day of the year for us and played their awesome album "The Action Is Go" to a sweltering packed Record Bar.

After wailing on their instruments for a few minutes, the band kicked right into the album with the kicking opening track "Evil Eye." Right from the start, it was apparent there were more than a few diehard Fu Manchu fans in the audience. Lots of singing along and lots of headbanging - a girl even stage dove near the end. The crowd was great. Each song from the album elicited huge responses from the crowd, especially "Anodizer" and "Hogwash", which were two of the heaviest songs of the night. They didn't talk too much during the set, but they were moving all around headbanging into the audience. For the encore, we got something a bit different than previous sets: Rojo Ojo off their first album was a great surprise, and King Of the Road was a perfect closer. The mic stand got thrown into the audience for us to finish the song off. Perfect way to end such a killer show. After King of the Road, Scott Hill jokingly said "ALRIGHT, KING OF THE ROAD FULL ALBUM, LET'S GO!" before chuckling and walking off. Bastard!

Opening was Minneapolis band Bloodnstuff. They are a two-piece with a drummer and a guitarist, but the guitarist had a myriad of pedals and played so well it sounded like a full band was playing with him. I was getting whiffs of Clutch, Queens Of the Stone Age, mathcore and, oddly enough, the guitar one of Liturgy, all in one. Very good.

Fu Manchu

Evil Eye
The Action Is Go
Burning Road
Trackside Hoax
Unknown World
Grendel, Snowman
Strolling Astronomer
Saturn III
Nothing Done (SSD cover)
Rojo Ojo
King Of The Road

Fu Manchu: 9/10
Bloodnstuff: 8/10

morbidaj 04-09-2013 09:25 AM

good times
It was a good show, glad there was such a good turn out. Scott had said I was the reason that they came to KC in the first place.. which worked out in the end in that it was packed. There weren't too many people the last time they played KC on the Start the Machine tour

zekeyou 04-09-2013 09:27 AM

Sounds good-- seeing them for the 6th time in a couple weeks in Raleigh-- easily one of the best live bands going.

I know they've been alternating a few songs for a 2-3 song encore-- King of the Road, Weird Beard, Godzilla, Mongoose, California Crossing, Hell on Wheels, etc.

VoidFlame 04-09-2013 09:40 AM

That's fucking awesome! I'm seeing them in a week, can't wait!

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