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Spiral_Slave 07-29-2005 09:53 PM

WASP -- St. Petersburg, FL -- July 29th, 2005
First off let me say this night was FANTASTIC! Me and my girlfriend got there a little early and waited outside the gate. We got a lot of stares being the youngest people there by at least 10 years, and I was rockin my Helloween shirt. Once we finally got in we waited around and over the PA they played the entire ' Tatooed Millionaire ' album, and I was the only one singing along :D . Not soon after that, Stephen Pearcy hit the stage.

If you don't know, Stephen Pearcy is the former singer of RATT. I wasn't feeling this guy at all, it was boring 80's hair metal. That, and there was this drunk obnoxious lady ' dancing ' into me and my girlfriend every 2 seconds. I didn't know any of his songs and my girlfriend knew the RATT songs he played. I wasn't impressed by him at all.

1. Push Me
2. Wanted Man
3. I'm Insane
4. You think you're tough
5. Back For More
6. Lack Of Communication
7. Lay It Down
8. You're In Love
9. Body Talk
10. Round And Round

After about a half hour of waiting, LA Guns finnaly hit the stage. Now, I was not familiar with them but my girlfriend told me they were similiar to Guns N Roses who I think are ok. They weren't good at all IMO, even worse than Pearcy. The singer's stupid crotch grabs were dumb, and they all had teased hair and bandanas, it was ridiculous. My girlfriend enjoyed though, I don't see how I thought they sucked.

1. Show No Mercy
2. Sex Action
3. It's Never Enough
4. Electric Gypsy
5. Vampire
6. One More Reason To Die

They may have played more but that's all I remember, or care to remember.

After LA Guns left, roadies began setting up the stage for WASP. First they dropped down some awesome backdrops, which were derived from the cover of their album THE NEON GOD. Then they started setting up Blackie's mic stand. All kidding aside, it is the coolest damn thing you will ever see. About 8-10 feet tall all bones and skulls and spears with foot steps going up it so he can climb to the top and look out at the people, and it is on a giant spring so it rocks back and forth over the crowd. They were absolutely AWESOME, not a bad note. I head banged and fist pounded and screamed alnog the ENTIRE time and even got up on a guys shoulders and sang at eye level with Blackie. It was sooo sooo awesome, and they played a great set I couldnt have been happier.

1. On Your Knees/Inside The Electric Circus/Hate To Love Me medley
2. L.O.V.E Machine
3. Wild Child
4. Animal ( F*ck Like A Beast )
5. The Headless Children
6. The Idol
7. Kill Your Pretty Face ( they turned on a black light and blackie smeared glow paint all over his face and arms it was sooo fuckin cool looking )
8. The Real Me
9. Instrumental ( Where Blackie chopped up meat with a huge axe and tossed it out at the crowd, and drank blood from the top of a skull it was killer )
10. I Wanna Be Somebody
11. Sleeping In The Fire
12. Blind In Texas


Maideneer 07-30-2005 04:13 AM

Great but, Pearcy closed with Round & Round, you wrote Lay It Down twice. :)

Spiral_Slave 07-30-2005 07:12 AM

Fixed. ;)

DethMaiden 07-30-2005 08:04 AM

Blackie is easily in the top five live frontmen ever. :rockdevil

ADD 07-30-2005 08:58 AM

That's awesome that you had such a great time man, even htough I am not a fan of WASP myself:D Sounds like a lot of fun :horns:

Spiral_Slave 07-30-2005 09:02 AM

Thanks man it was awesome. :party:

B/lawless1 07-30-2005 12:52 PM

Thanks for the review, but you forgot to tell us one thing bro, Where was this show? I saw this show 4 times a few weeks ago and I agree it is excellent..Metal Church was also at the shows I went to..ROCK ON!!

Spiral_Slave 07-30-2005 01:25 PM

Oh man my bad! I dunno how to edit the thread title but, it was at Jannus Landing in St. Petersburg Florida. :bliss:

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