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smearCampaign 02-18-2013 08:15 PM

Metal at SXSW 2013
It's that time of year again. Here are the metal related shows for SXSW that I've found for 2013 so far:

[B]Sunday March 10th[/B]
[U]We Are Metal![/U]
Dirty Dog Bar - 505 E 5th
Doors at 4pm
Nothing in Return
Screaming in Silence
Empty Shell
Southern Dose of Rebellion
Twelve Years Driven

[U]Death by Death Fuckin’ Metal Fest[/U]
Headhunters - 720 Red River
Doors at 8pm
Inside Stage:
Morgengrau - Midnight
Blaspherian - 11pm
Whore of Bethlehem - 10pm
Xaphaton - 9pm
Special Guest Satan - 8pm
Outside Stage:
The Blood Royale - 12:30am
Christ Malformation - 11:30pm
Pernicious Phenom - 10:30pm
Numbskull - 9:30pm

[B]Tuesday March 12th[/B]
[U]Metal BBQ[/U]
LA Barbecue - 1502 South 1st
Mondo Generator
Marching Teeth
Sweat Lodge
Old and Ill

[U]Red Eyed Fly’s Unofficial Pre-SX Party[/U]
Red Eyed Fly - 715 Red River
Doors at 8PM - All Ages
Outdoor Stage:
Broken Teeth
Snake Skin Prison
Shotgun Rebels
Indoor Stage:
Hyde Park Showdown
Burning Avalanche
The Devil Rides
Crimson Devils

[U]Sammi Curr’s Trick by Trickwest Fest[/U]
Beerland - 711.5 Red River
Doors at 8pm
GypsyHawk - 12:45am
Venomous Maximus - 12:00am
Blood Royale - 11:15pm
Mutilation Rites - 10:30pm
War Master - 9:45pm
Communion - 9:00pm

[B]Wednesday March 13th[/B]
[U]Pitchfork Show No Mercy Day Party[/U]
House of Vans at Mohawk
12noon - 6pm - Free - All ages
Live streaming at [url]http://www.vans.com/microsites/sxsw/[/url]
Skeletonwitch - 5:00pm
Trash Talk - 4:15pm
Pallbearer - 3:15pm
Royal Thunder - 2:15pm
Mutilation Rites - 1:15pm
Encrust - 12:30pm
Power Trip - 4:45pm
Wet Lungs - 4:00pm
Pinkish Black - 3:00pm
Vattnet Viskar - 2:00pm
Inter Arma - 1:00pm
Batillus - 12noon

[U]Whoopsy! Party North[/U]
The Nomad Bar - 1213 Corona Dr 78723
Firestarter 82 - 5pm
Kill This - 6pm
Obscure Oracle - 7pm
Vex - 8pm
Masikrator - 9pm
Antique Scream - 10pm
Mala Suerte - 11pm
Witchburn - 12midnight

[U]Metal Wreckage SXSW Showcase[/U]
Six Lounge - 4th & Colorado
8pm - 1am
Call of the Void - 12:30pm
Power Trip - 11:30pm
Junius - 10:30pm
Pinkish Black - 9:30pm
A Life Once Lost - 8:30pm

[B]Thursday March 14th[/B]
[U]Unofficial SX2013 Concert Series[/U]
Austin Java - 12th and Lamar
4:00pm - All Ages
(4:30-4:50) With Teeth And Nails
(4:50-5:10) The Measure Of
(5:10-5:30) Globe & Beast (Melotov Records)
(5:30-5:50) Tidemouth (Melotov Records)
(5:50-6:10) Frameworks (13th Floor Records)
(6:10-6:30) Discourse (Mayfly Records)
(6:30-6:50) Going Peacefully
(6:50-7:10) Badblood
(7:10-7:30) Vices (Melotov Records)
(7:30-7:50) Barrow (Mayfly Records)
(7:50-8:10) Canyons
(8:10-8:30) Creative Adult (Broke Hater)
(8:30-8:50) Illustrations
(8:50-9:10) Call Of The Void (Relapse Records)
(9:10-9:30) Blurry Vision
(9:30-9:50) The Gospel And The Wolf
(9:50-10:10) Fera
(10:10-10:30) The News Can Wait
(10:30-10:50) Thieves
(10:50-11:10) Statuette
(11:10-11:30) Restless
(11:30-12:00) The Tired and True (Eulogy Records)

[U]MetalSucks Showcase[/U]
The Dirty Dog Bar - 505 East 6th
8:00pm-8:30pm - Gypsyhawk
8:45pm-9:25pm - Howl
9:40pm-10:20pm - KEN Mode
10:35pm-11:20pm - Royal Thunder
11:35pm-12:25am - Norma Jean
12:40am-1:40am - Goatwhore

[U]Small Stone Records Showcase[/U]
Headhunters - 720 Red River
Suplecs (New Orleans, LA) - 1am
Lord Fowl (New Haven, CT) - 12mid
Freedom Hawk (Virginia Beach, VA) - 11pm
Wo Fat (Dallas, TX) - 10pm
Luder (Ferndale, MI) - 9pm
Supermachine (Dover, NH) - 8pm
Mellow Bravo (Boston, MA) - 7pm

[U]Sumerian Records & Friends Showcase[/U]
The House of Blues Annex - 6th & Red River
Upon a Burning Body
Betraying The Martyr
City in the Sea
Fever Dreamer
Ice Nine Kills
To Each His Own

[B]Friday March 15th[/B]
[U]Invisible Oranges/Brooklyn Vegan Day Party[/U]
The Jr (aka old Emo’s inside stage)
Free IO shirts for first 50 ppl
Free Jameson, Free vegan tacos/nachos
Today is the Day - 5:10pm
Pallbearer - 4:20pm
KEN Mode - 3:30pm
Royal Thunder - 2:40pm
Inter Arma - 1:50pm
Batillus - 1:00
Baptists - 12:15pm

[U]Rock of Ages Tattoo SXSW Party[/U]
Yellow Jacket Social Club - 1704 East 5th
Howl - 6:00pm
Black Tusk - 5:00pm
True Widow - 4:00pm
Marching Teeth - 3:00pm
Fight Amp - 2:00pm
Pushmen - 1:00pm
Communion - 12noon

[U]Tone Deaf Touring Showcase[/U]
Red 7 - 611 East 7th
Orange Goblin - 12:30am-1:50am
Mondo Generator - 11:30pm-12:10am
Today Is The Day - 10:30-11:10pm
Young Widows - 9:30-10:10pm
KEN Mode - 8:45-9:15pm
The Gates of Slumber - 7:45-8:25pm

1100 Warehouse
Clutch - 12:15-1:30am
Murder by Death - 11:15-11:55pm

[U]IndieMerchstore Riverboat Party[/U]
Lonestar Riverboat - 100 South 1st St.
21+ open bar, free food, swag bag
6:00pm - RSVPs will begin to be accepted
6:15pm - boarding begins
6:30pm - boat launches
7:00pm - Goatwhore
8:30pm - boat docks

[U]March Madness at 1808[/U]
The Annex at 1808 - 1808 East 12th
$10 tickets - Doors at 4pm
[I]Crucial backyard stage:[/I]
A life once lost 1140
Powertrip 11
Rzl Dzl 1030
Build and Destroy 10
Vulgar Display 940
Goodtime Boys 840
Octaves 8
Old wounds 730
Vices 7
One against many 615
Modern pain 530
ill informed 5
[I]Annex of hc/metal stage:[/I]
Inter arma 1
Kill the client 1215
Mutilation rites 1130
Call of the void (relapse) 1045
Loma prieta (deathwish CA)10
Full of hell (pa a389)9pm
Homewrecker (ohio a389) 830
Sing moth. 7:30
Illustrations (sa)/discourse (mayfly) split set
[I]1808 bar stage:[/I]
Whirr (Ca, teepee) 1215
Creepoid (philly no idea) 1130
Nothing (philly ex horror show. a389) 950
Fght amp (philly) 910
She rides (RI members drop dead/ f/i) 830
Frameworks (fl)/ les doux (ms) split set 730
Ltw (dc) 7
Sparrows(can) 615
Peloton 540
Sealion 5

[U]Raw Dog Showcase[/U]
The Dirty Dog Bar - 505 East 6th
8:00pm - Monster Truck
8:55pm - Crossfaith
9:50pm - Young Guns
10:50pm - Of Mice & Men
11:50pm - Chiodos
12:50am - Lacuna Coil

[B]Saturday March 16th[/B]
[U]3rd Annual Altercation Punk Rock BBQ[/U]
The Vortex - 2307 Manor Rd
Free, All Ages
Free Lonestar and BBQ
RVSP: [url]www.altercationrecordsinc.com[/url]
12:30pm - 5:30pm
Teenage Bottlerocket
Lower Class Brats
Off With Their Heads
Lost in Society
Say Hello to the Angels
New Red Scare
Sniper 66
The Scandals

[U]Converse/Thrasher Death Match[/U]
Scoot Inn
5pm- Clutch
4pm- Orange Goblin
3pm- Black Breath
2pm- Kadavar
1pm- Power Trip
12noon- Hatred Surge
5:30pm- Iron Lung
4:30pm- Mammoth Grinder
3:30pm- Royal Thunder
2:30pm- Ancient VVisdom
1:30pm- Baptists
12:30pm- Freedom Hawk

[U]Invisible Oranges/BrooklynVegan Showcase[/U]
The North Door - 501 Brushy St
Doors at 7pm
Homewrecker - 8:00pm
Pinkish Black - 9:00pm
Full of Hell - 10:00pm
Mutilation Rites - 11:00pm
John Baizley - 12:00am
Pallbearer - 1:00am

[U]Relapse Records Showcase[/U]
Red 7 (outside) - 611 East 7th
Call of the Void - 8:00pm
Inter Arma - 8:55pm
Howl - 9:55pm
ASG - 10:55pm
Royal Thunder - 11:55pm
Black Tusk - 12:55am

[U]Chaos In Tejas Presents[/U]
Red 7 (inside) - 611 East 7th
Power Trip - 10:30pm
Iron Lung - 11:15pm

[U]Austin Heavy Music Showcase[/U]
Spider House - 2906 Fruth St.
Spiderhouse Ballroom Stage:
1:00am - Mala Suerte (Austin,TX)
12:00am - Red Shield (Lafayette,LA)
11:00pm - Venomous Maximus (Houston,TX)
10:00pm - RUST (Austin,TX)
9:00pm - Solid Giant (New Orleans,LA)
8:00pm - Unmothered (Austin,TX)
7:00pm - Wet Lungs (Austin,TX)
6:00pm - Skycrawler (Austin, TX)
5:00pm - Corpse (Austin,TX)
4:00pm - Turbid North (Fort Worth,TX)
3:00pm - Sweat Lodge (Austin,TX)
2:00pm - Whore of Bethlehem (Austin, TX)
1:00pm - Legion (Houston,TX)
12:00pm - TBA
Spiderhouse Inside Stage:
1:15am - Castle (San Francisco,CA)
12:15am - Lions of Tsavo (Austin,TX)
11:15pm - Destroyer of Light (Austin,TX)
10:15pm - Inkblot (Austin, TX)
9:15pm - Godhunter (Tucson,AZ)
8:15pm - Ghost Police (San Antonio,TX)
7:15pm - Sans Soleil (Austin,TX)
6:15pm - The Shrine (Los Angeles,CA)
5:15pm - Switchblade Jesus (Corpus Christi,TX)
4:15pm - IRATA (Greensboro,NC)
3:15pm - Seacats (Kelso,WA)
2:15pm - Southern Train Gypsy (Fort Worth, TX)
1:15pm - Wo Fat (Dallas,TX)
12:15pm - TBA
Spiderhouse Patio Stage:
11:15pm - Co-Pilot (Houston,TX)
10:15pm - Project Armageddon (Houston,TX)
9:15pm - Voidstrider (Austin,TX)
8:15pm - Las Cruces (San Antonio,TX)
7:15pm - Bertha (Corpus Christi,TX)
6:15pm - Orthodox Fuzz (Fort Worth,TX)
5:15pm - Did You See Those Bats? (Austin,TX)
4:15pm - Alien Knife Fight (Austin,TX)
3:15pm - Black Table (New Jersey)
2:15pm - VYGR (Boston, MA)
1:15pm - Brazilian Heir (Austin,TX)
12:15pm - TBA

[B]Sunday March 17th[/B]
[U]Austin Metal Showcase 2013[/U]
Come and Take It Productions
Dirty Dog Bar - 505 E 6th
12noon - Free for 21+, $5 for minors
Free BBQ from Lockhart Barbeque while supplies last
Head Crusher
Shattered Sun
Course of Ruin
Fire from the Gods
Outlaws to Kings
Memories in Broken Glass
Closed Hand Promise
No Such Thing
In the Trench
Cold Bloom
Atlas Versus
Far from Nothing

[U]2013 High Times Doobie Awards[/U]
Red Eyed Fly - 715 Red River
12noon - 6pm
The Memorials (feat. T. Pridgen - ex-Mars Volta)
G Eazy
Interstellar Transmissions
The Effinays
Dune Rats
Doug Benson :stoned:


RampinUp46 02-18-2013 11:27 PM

[QUOTE=smearCampaign;512824][B]Thursday March 14th[/B]
[U]MetalSucks Showcase[/U]
The Dirty Dog Bar - 505 East 6th
8:45pm - Gypsyhawk
9:30pm - Howl
10:15pm - KEN Mode
11:00pm - Royal Thunder
11:55pm - Goatwhore
12:50am - Norma Jean

[B]Saturday March 16th[/B]
[U]Relapse Records Showcase[/U]
Red 7 (outside) - 611 East 7th
8:00pm - Call of the Void
8:50pm - InterArma
9:40pm - Royal Thunder
10:35pm - ASG
11:30pm - Howl
12:25am - Black Tusk
1:20am - Exhumed

REALLY want to hit these up. Sucks that Voivod can't be here though.

If I was 21, I'd definitely check out Goatwhore on a boat though. :rocker:

Chris_M_S 02-18-2013 11:56 PM

Haha 3 stages at Spider House? That's insane. I love that place, but 3 metal bands playing there simultaneously is bonkers. I used to stay like 2 blocks from there.

No Thrasher party this year? I haven't heard anything about it. That's too bad if there's not, I saw some of the best stuff of my fest there last year - Fear, Cro Mags, Nachtmystium in a tiny room, High on Fire, Black Cobra, Primitive Weapons, etc.

I don't think I'll make it this year. I was on a panel last year so I got a badge, and I've had badges for work in previous years. SXSW wears me the hell out after about two days, though, and I end up skipping shows and drinking in my friends' yards instead.

smearCampaign 02-19-2013 07:06 AM

[QUOTE=Chris_M_S;512865]No Thrasher party this year? I haven't heard anything about it.[/QUOTE]

I heard that it will happen, just not announced yet.

Also heard that the BV metal show is supposedly going to include a John Baizley solo set. :D

natureboy 02-19-2013 07:44 AM


Also heard that the BV metal show is supposedly going to include a John Baizley solo set. :D[/QUOTE]

It's true!


Pinkish Black also on the bill (North Door, Saturday night). No other bands announced for it yet.

natureboy 02-19-2013 07:48 AM

On Orange Goblin's tour dates posted today they listed a Saturday 3/16 SXSW date. Excited to see what that will be. I'm definitely planning on the Friday night Red 7 showcase with Mondo Generator and Gates of Slumber.

ravenheart 02-19-2013 09:15 AM

Woo Orange Goblin, Freedom Hawk, Goatwhore and Royal Thunder.

Don't know or don't like any of the rest. I'd have to check 'em out online first.

natureboy 02-19-2013 09:17 AM

"show cancellations!!!

Voivod has had to postpone any shows for the immediate future as Snake needs 4-6 weeks rest due to a procedure for diverticulitis, a common digestive disease.

This affects the MS Benefit in Ottawa and the SXSW shows, this should not affect the Santiago, Chile MetalFest appearance in April
More tour news to be announced shortly."


ravenheart 02-19-2013 09:17 AM

[QUOTE=natureboy;512897]On Orange Goblin's tour dates posted today they listed a Saturday 3/16 SXSW date. Excited to see what that will be. I'm definitely planning on the Friday night Red 7 showcase with Mondo Generator and Gates of Slumber.[/QUOTE]

That date was always in their tour schedule, not just the update posted today.

The difference however is in the update posted today, the date is wrong. They're playing Friday, not Saturday.

natureboy 02-19-2013 09:22 AM

[QUOTE=ravenheart;512910]That date was always in their tour schedule, not just the update posted today.

The difference however is in the update posted today, the date is wrong. They're playing Friday, not Saturday.[/QUOTE]

No, now it reads:

Thu Mar 14 - The Palladium Ballroom - Dallas, TX
Fri Mar 15 - Tone Deaf SXSW showcase @ Red 7 - Austin, TX
Sat Mar 16 - SXSW - Austin TX
Mon Mar 18 - The Black Sheep - Colorado Springs, CO

Before, just the Friday show (their official showcase) was mentioned. The addition of the 3/16 date means they will also be playing a show on Saturday - likely a free day party somewhere.

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