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detuned 02-01-2013 05:26 AM

Help ROSETTA book a Southeast US tour

Unfortunately, our planned tour of Russia/Ukraine/Belarus/Latvia will not be happening in March. This was totally out of our hands, and it’s really not canceled so much as it’s postponed for a while. We’ll do it when we can.

Right now, we’re going to take those dates (March 22-30) and try to do a tour into the Southeast US, since we haven’t been down that way in a long time. We need your help booking these shows. If you book shows, run a venue or, or have a solid contact for a nice place to play, please email us. If you’re in a band that wants to play with us, please hold off on emailing for now, unless you can actually set up an awesome show. NO FACEBOOK MESSAGES PLEASE. Just email us [B]rosettaband@gmail.com[/B]

We’re looking at these dates and places:

3/22 - Richmond
3/23 - Winston-Salem
3/24 - Charleston
3/25 - Savannah OR somewhere in SC
3/26 - Gainesville OR Orlando
3/27 - Atlanta OR somewhere in western SC
3/28 - Charlotte OR Raleigh OR Nashville
3/29 - Charlottesville Va OR DC area
3/30 - Baltimore OR DC area

We have some stuff in the works already for some of these, but will basically take whatever is the most reputable/solid option for a given date/place. FYI: Where possible, we really like all-ages shows. We will also be bringing our own sound engineer.

Statutory-Mike 02-01-2013 07:10 AM

Just shot them a message to help out with South Carolina, hopefully the dudes I know there are able to help them out!

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