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swboyd 12-19-2012 08:43 PM

[QUOTE=brutal_descent;503266]Hardly their best album. Ex Lives and New Junk Aesthetic are both 10/10 albums.[/QUOTE]

That's a valid, but arguable point. I personally think Gutter Phenomenon is probably the closest they have to a 10/10 album, but that's just my opinion. Every album they've put out is at least a 7/10.

They've also been rotating sets throughout most of this tour. I got Emergency Broadcast Syndrome when they played in Bloomington.

Ommie 12-19-2012 08:51 PM

[QUOTE=bobbie solo;503263]bummer that they dont play anything from their best album, Last Night in Town.[/QUOTE]

They rotate their setlists quite a lot (almost every night I think), and some dates got Emergency Broadcast Syndrome and/or Logic of Crocodiles.

Personally, Hot Damn! is their best album. I flipped a shit when they played I Been Gone A Long Time. :rocker: In the end though, I love all their albums (some more than others).

VoidFlame 12-20-2012 04:48 AM

Everyone says great things about their live performances. I'm gonna hit their Montreal show in March for sure.

XDoomsayerX 12-20-2012 02:31 PM

Who complains about an ETID setlist, the band is the tits who always deelivers. that being said if you claim to be a ETID fan and dislike Ex Lives then wtf! Dat opening song=perfetct opener. DAT BREAKDOWN! :drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool::drool:

bobbie solo 12-20-2012 10:45 PM

Ex Lives is their best album since Last Night. I love it. I grew tired of the cock rock stuff that started with Hot Damn.

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