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Impaledonafence3 11-25-2012 03:23 PM

Epica -- Baltimore, MD -- November 24th, 2012
Only One Who Waits - [url]http://youtu.be/DRwKzyPYww8[/url]
Down With the Sun
Where the Last Wave Broke - [url]http://youtu.be/l0FtjsJZrSQ[/url]
The Killjoy
Through the Shadows - [url]http://youtu.be/HADfcFgqBEQ[/url]
One For Sorrow - [url]http://youtu.be/6Td4l10TzcA[/url]

It was great to finally see Insomnium again after five years.

Monopoly on Truth
Sensorium - [url]http://youtu.be/yCN0nGFlEjQ[/url]
Martyr of the Free Word - [url]http://youtu.be/Sz71N3r7SlA[/url]
Serenade of Self-Destruction - [url]http://youtu.be/-MqoOY1sf1M[/url]
The Obsessive Devotion
Sancta Terra - [url]http://youtu.be/754b-mwjSu0[/url]
Cry for the Moon
The Phantom Agony - [url]http://youtu.be/UjOAbbBzhzg[/url]
Storm the Sorrow
Consign to Oblivion

tenchimyo 11-25-2012 06:30 PM

Alestorm didn't play?

Same set as the opening in DC looks like for Epica- thought they'd have pulled something different for the last night?

sweet videos!!

Impaledonafence3 11-26-2012 02:15 AM

Alestorm played, I have no idea what they played.

Wrecking Crew 11-26-2012 07:19 AM

[QUOTE=Impaledonafence3;498592]Alestorm played, I have no idea what they played.[/QUOTE]

I'm going to guess something about pirates :pirate:

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