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The Ancient Mariner 11-13-2012 08:09 AM

Nightwish -- Birmingham, England -- November 6th, 2012
[U]Intro Tape[/U]
Roll Tide (Hans Zimmer song)
Dark Chest of Wonders
Wish I Had An Angel
The Siren
Slow, Love, Slow
I Want My Tears Back
The Islander
Nemo (Acoustic version)
Last of the Wilds
Planet Hell
Ghost River
Ever Dream
Over the Hills and Far Away
Ghost Love Score
Last Ride of the Day
[U]Outro Tape[/U]

Brilliant concert :D Great crowd in a small, intimate venue.

Floor was fantastic on vocals, and looked gorgeous as always :drool:

The fans love her already and she has been made to feel very welcome in the band already ... and rightly so ... she has done a great job in keeping this tour alive :horns: ... deserves the job permanent ;)

Sanitarium78 11-13-2012 07:10 PM

So, i'm guessing that The Siren sounds right again with Floor singing it? Glad that GLS has become a regular and was played at the show in Finland where they recorded the live DVD. At least we'll have something with Floor singing some of the old stuff if she doesn't stay.

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