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VelvetHarry 10-27-2012 02:10 PM

Devin Townsend Project -- London, England -- October 27th, 2012
Just got done watching the Live Stream of Devin Townsend's Retinal Circus concert. I will update with a review later. For now here is the setlist:

True North
Lucky Animals
Planet of the Apes
Intro to Soul Driven
Planet Smasher:blaze: (with some dude in corpse paint.. not sure who it is if someone can identify)
The Babysong
Color Your World
The Greys
--15 minute intermission--
Hyperdrive! :light:(acoustic)
Ih-Ah (acoustic)
Back Where We Belong
Detox:rocker: (with Jed Simon)
Bend It Like Bender (with Jed Simon)
Love?:rocker: (with Jed Simon)
Colonial Boy
Little Pig

anomynous 10-27-2012 02:25 PM

2 SYL songs..........

anomynous 10-27-2012 02:28 PM

Also last songs was Little Pig, it's on Epiclouder

Polock91 10-27-2012 02:46 PM

Out of all the sons on EpicloudER... why Little Pigs? Socialization, Mind Wasp, Woah No, and Happy Birthday are all better choices, imo... I guess it works for the show closer, though...

TonyD 10-27-2012 02:55 PM

Detox and Love? Better than nothing I guess.

dcmetal108 10-27-2012 03:28 PM

What was the crazy live show this was suppose to have though?

anomynous 10-27-2012 03:31 PM

Apparently it was a choir and people in costumes.

Sounded lame.

VelvetHarry 10-27-2012 04:44 PM

[QUOTE=anomynous;494025]Apparently it was a choir and people in costumes.

Sounded lame.[/QUOTE]

Yes and no. The choir was actually awesome. It was cool to see that layered component of Devin's "wall of sound" style performed live. I really enjoyed the setlist and the pyro and circus performers were pretty cool.

On the lame side, the show had some bizarre, convoluted story line that was super corny. Also, Steve Vai sort of MC'd the whole concert from video screens, and for the first half of the show he talked between EVERY SONG which was starting to get very annoying. Also, there were some weird dancers in costumes that seemed to be left over from the musical "Cats". They came out during Lucky Animals and were there for most of the show.

Overall though I enjoyed myself. Devin has been my hero since around 1995 when I first saw the video for SYL and snagged myself a copy of "Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing." I have his autograph tattooed on my chest next to the SYL logo, but I am definitely willing to say when thing don't work for him. Musically great, but cheesy stage show.

BloodoftheKings 10-27-2012 05:11 PM

That set is pretty disappointing. When he said he was gonna do songs from his entire career I expected stuff from every album he ever put out but it's really just a double length set of all the shit he's been playing on tour the past few years with Detox and Love? thrown in. Also, while it's still really cool that he did a couple of SYL songs, playing those 2 songs is kind of a cop out. If he played All Hail the New Flesh and Shitstorm that really would have been something.

The most underwhelming thing about that set is that it really doesn't even come close to covering his whole career. There isn't 1 whole song from Terria, nothing from Physicist (i'm counting Kingdom as a song from Epicloud at this point), no Ki, no Ghost, and no Punky Bruster. I wasn't expecting, nor did I want there to be stuff from Devlab in the set but I think the albums I just listed were all worthy of being covered at least a little bit.

adamclark52 10-27-2012 05:45 PM

There are some wicked songs in there indeed. But what Devin has been doing the last few years since his spike in popularity hasn't sat well with me. It's like he's buying into the praise he gets from metalsucks too much and trying too hard to go beyond what he's best at. Stick to music.


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