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MetalIsArt 10-06-2012 11:01 AM

Therion -- Antwerp, Belgium -- September 30th, 2012
[LIST=1][*]O fortuna (Carl Orff)[*]Poupée de cire, poupée de son (France Gall)[*]Son of the sun[*]Via nocturna[*]The flight of the lord of the flies[*]J'ai le mail de toi (Betty Mars)[*]Abraxas[*]Vanaheim[*]Lemuria (acoustic version)[*]Gothic kabbalah[*]The siren of the woods[*]Ginnungagap[*]Land Of Canaan[*]Wine of Aluqah[*]The rise of sodom & gomorrah[*]The Khlysti evangelist[*]Une fleur dans le coeur (Victoire Scott)[*]Son of the slaves of time

[*]The wondrous world of Punt[*]Blood of Kingu

[*]To mega therion[/LIST]

- Therion had a GREAT sound (25th anniversary celebration)
- I didn't buy the new album "Les fleurs du mal", must get into it more first. And I think the France Gall cover sucks balls...
- Two support acts, Antalgia & Elyose. The latter didn't interest me at all: they are some sort of "Techno Gothic Metal"... Antalgia was ok, great lead guitarist. Didn't know any of the songs, so no setlists.
- +- 1000 capacity venue, but I think there were about 800 people there.

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