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dtgamerat 10-01-2012 01:47 PM

Uproar Festival -- Albuquerque, NM -- September 30th, 2012
The Rockstar Energy Drink Uproar Festival had it's second year in Albuquerque, and this time, it was the final show of the tour. The show itself was downright fun, filled with great performances. I look forward to next year. I missed Attika 7 because I desperately needed the restroom and checked out some of the booths, as well as grab more beer.

How They Were: These guys were the battle of the bands winner last year, and their grand prize was performing on the festival in its entirety. I actually enjoyed these guys. They had good energy and their songs were catchy. They were your typical Octane band, but I enjoyed what I heard.
Crowd Reaction: The crowd was into them. They were jumping up on cue and kept the energy going.
Rating: 7.5/10
1) Rise
2) Norma Genes
3) Ready
4) Relevant
5) We Are Stars

How They Were: Ever since I heard their cover of Neil Young's "Old Man", I found them to be quite an interesting group. Sure, it was a hip hoppy for a classic song, but I liked what I heard. They played all of their hits and had a splendid sound. They were a band that certainly surprised me.
Crowd Reaction: The crowd dug 'em. They sang to all of the hits and kept the cheering loud and wild.
Rating: 8.5/10
1) Comeback
2) City Life
3) Old Man (Neil Young cover)
4) Built To Last
5) Underground
6) Bullet In My Hand

How They Were: Another typical Octane band, but they had great energy on stage and kept the crowd moving during their 25 minute set. Another surprising band for me.
Crowd Reaction: The first pit of the day broke out during Candlelight Red's set, and the energy never let up. The crowd surfers started doing their thing and everyone seemed to enjoy them.
Rating: 8.5/10
1) In Your Hands
2) Demons
3) Cutter
4) Medicated
5) Closer
6) The Wreckage

How They Were: I had no means of seeing Deuce when I heard they were going to be on. I even had no means of enjoying him. I was going to use his set as a beer break. But I thought, "What the hell", and decided to check out one song. Sure enough, I ended up staying through the whole set. I'm not a Hollywood Undead fan, nor am really into the Hip-Hop/Rock phase (with the exception of HED PE), but Deuce surprised the hell out of me. His energy on stage was high, and the sound was actually very good. I had no idea I would end up enjoying the set.
Crowd Reaction: The crowd dug him as well. It was crowded around the stage, there were crowd surfers, everyone jumping, waving their hands, everything. Certainly a good turnaround for him.
Rating: 8.5/10
1) Undead
2) Let's Get It Crackin'
3) Story Of A Snitch
4) I Came To Party
5) The One
6) America

How They Were: One of the bands I came to see. Being a huge wrestling fan back in my childhood days, Chris Jericho was a major staple of it. Seeing him onstage rocking out to some balls to wall music was icing on the cake. The performance was high energy from beginning to end.
Crowd Reaction: There were two pits in front of the stage, crowd surfers, and a "Y2J" chant. The audience went crazy.
Rating: 9/10
1) Spider In My Mouth
2) Sandpaper
3) God Pounds His Nails
4) Sin And Bones
5) Enemy
6) Blood Happens

How They Were: It has been 10 full years since I last saw P.O.D. which was at Ozzfest 2002 in Phoenix. That was also during my Nu-Metal days. Seeing them again rekindled those old memories with excitement. Their set was ferocious as they went through song after song. Seeing them up close made the experience even more memorable.
Crowd Reaction: Two good sized pits broke out during the performance as well as tons of crowd surfers giving the barricade guards something to do. The stage was packed to entirety and everyone sang along with every song.
Rating: 9.5/10
1) Boom
2) Murdered Love
3) On Fire
4) Set It Off
5) Without Jah, Nothin'
6) Youth Of A Nation
7) Southtown
8) West Coast Rock Steady
9) Lost In Forever
10) Alive
11) What I Got (Sublime cover)

How They Were: I remember first hearing Adelita's Way on the radio when they were barely breaking into the Rock scene. I found their songs catchy and never held anything against them. It was cool to see how far they've come as a band and to perform on the Main Stage. They played through all of their hits, and they had good energy on stage.
Crowd Reaction: The crowd was fairly mellow as people were still recovering from P.O.D.'s set. The was, however, a good amount of people at the stage and those who knew the lyrics sang along to the songs.
Rating: 8/10
1) The Collapse
2) Hurt
3) Alive
4) Cage The Beast
5) Criticize
6) Invincible
7) Sick

How They Were: Staind was a band I've always wanted to see. I've always enjoyed their tunes. "Break The Cycle" was the first album I've owned by them and always liked them since. My first time seeing them was by all means not disappointing at all. They sounded great, the vocals were top notch, and all in all, it was just a great performance.
Crowd Reaction: The Pavilion was very packed by the time they came on. The crowd sang through all the songs and kept the place moving during the heavier tunes.
Rating: 9/10
1) Eyes Wide Open
2) Right Here
3) Now
4) For You
5) Paper Wings
6) It's Been Awhile
7) Not Again
8) Outside
9) Mudshovel
10) Something To Remind You

How They Were: This was my second time seeing Godsmack in about a year (the first time being Mayhem Festival 2011), and they did not disappoint. Their set was pretty much the same as Mayhem Festival, but besides that, they had the same energy and clarity as usual. They went through the casual drum battle sequence which was cool to see again, as well as going chaotic during the end of "Whatever". Another memorable performance.
Crowd Reaction: The Pavilion was packed this time around, definitely showing the majority of the crowd went for Godsmack. The crowd sang through all of the hit songs and the pits in the lawn broke loose.
Rating: 9.5/10
1) The Enemy
2) Keep Away
3) Straight Out Of Line
4) Crying Like A Bitch
5) Awake
6) Re-Align
7) Speak
8) Voodoo
9) Batalla de los Tambores (drum battle)
-Back In Black (AC/DC)
-Walk This Way (Aerosmith)
-Creeping Death (Metallica)
10) Whatever
11) I Stand Alone

How They Were: Shinedown was a first for me. They are another band I've always wanted to see and found their tunes to be very catchy. I've always enjoyed them. And what more can I say than....WOW! What a damn good show! If you have any chance in your life to see Shinedown, by all means, take it. Their performance was phenomenal and flawless. There's really not much else to say about that.
Crowd Reaction: The majority of the crowd left after Godsmack, leaving Shinedown to perform for half of a pavilion. Sure, Godsmack is definitely more popular, and even to the means that they maybe should have headlined. But Shinedown is a band that has come a long way in their career, and I found their headlining performance to be a hell of a finisher. For those who stayed sang along, cheered, and enjoyed the experience. For those who left, well, their loss.
Rating: 10/10
1) Sound Of Madness
2) Diamond Eyes
3) Enemies
4) If You Only Knew
5) I'll Follow You
6) Devour
7) Nowhere Kids
8) The Crow & The Butterfly
9) Unity
10) Amaryllis
11) Adrenaline
12) 45
13) Bully
14) Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)
15) Second Chance

With that, another year of Uproar has come and gone. I give kudos to John Reese for bringing a variety during the summer. I like the genre differences when it comes between Mayhem Festival and Uproar Festival. Whichever one you go to, a hard rocking time is bound to happen. What made me happy to see was all the folks wearing Pantera, Slayer, In Flames, Opeth, Kataklysm, and Arch Enemy shirts rocking out and having a good time to music that is the total opposite in sound. There was no elitism here. Variety doesn't hurt. Thank you Rockstar Energy Drink for finishing off the summer concerts for me as I look forward to 2013.

*Fun Fact: When I got back to my motel, I noticed there were two tour buses parked. Turns out, Staind and P.O.D. were staying at the same hotel as me, and they were all hanging out in the lobby when I walked in. I briefly gave my appreciation to Marcus, Wuv, and Traa of P.O.D. and told them their performance was fantastic. They are very nice guys and very open to their audience. I also met Mike of Staind as he was having a beer with Wuv and shook has hand too. He was also very nice and down to earth.

NickLed19 10-01-2012 02:24 PM

Shinedown is just as good live as Godsmack, so people really miss out.

TheNobleFaceHumper 10-01-2012 09:02 PM


1) Sound Of Madness
2) Diamond Eyes
3) Enemies
4) If You Only Knew
5) I'll Follow You
6) Devour
7) Nowhere Kids
8) The Crow & The Butterfly
9) Unity
10) Amaryllis
11) Adrenaline
12) 45
13) Bully
14) Simple Man (Lynyrd Skynyrd cover)
15) Second Chance

FUUUUUUU, I wish they would have played this set for our show, Nowhere Kids is the best song on the album imo.

NickLed19 10-02-2012 01:16 AM

It is for sure.

TheNobleFaceHumper 10-02-2012 06:33 AM

And they need to cut it out with Devour and Diamond Eyes already, play Save Me and Heroes instead.

velvetgrass 10-02-2012 08:28 AM

Great review, dtgamerat! It was a nice read. I have to ask did Shinedown really close with Second Chance and skip Fly From The Inside? And are you positive the last song Adelitas Way played was Sick, instead of Invincible? Just asking these questions as I have been following the Uproar setlists for the last month or so.

Although I love three of the bands on the main stage (Adelitas Way, Godsmack, and Shinedown), I decided to skip this tour when it came to Tinley Park (near Chicago) in August for a few reasons. I had already seen Shinedown and Adelitas Way this April and the venue would have been about a two and a half hour drive. I ended up buying tickets to see Rise Against in September instead, as I knew they would play a full headlining set, plus the venue was only 15 minutes away. Godsmack is still very high on my list of bands I want to see live though.

tenchimyo 10-02-2012 08:44 AM

Fozzy is def pushing their new album. cool. Anyone call him out for a cage match?

NickLed19 10-02-2012 12:54 PM

[QUOTE=TheNobleFaceHumper;491168]And they need to cut it out with Devour and Diamond Eyes already, play Save Me and Heroes instead.[/QUOTE]

Why replace those 2? Replace a new song and Simple Man.

TheNobleFaceHumper 10-02-2012 12:57 PM

[QUOTE=NickLed19;491267]Why replace those 2? Replace a new song and Simple Man.[/QUOTE]

After seeing the crowd reaction, taking out Simple Man would be a mistake, and the only new song i could have done without was Bully but it's their "single" so they have to play it.

Devour is the only Shinedown song I'm sick to death of, and Diamond Eyes is lame, even more lame that they played NOTHING from Us And Them.

NickLed19 10-02-2012 02:03 PM

Save Me is the best Shinedown song and a huge hit, and for some reason they are done with it.

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