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tenchimyo 09-30-2012 11:42 AM

Skeletonwitch -- Baltimore, MD -- September 29th, 2012
Went to see the Skeletonwitch band last night in Baltimore at the Ottobar. There were a bunch of people there, the floor was decently filled, but it wasn't packed.

Got there as Early Graves was about halfway thru their set I think. They sounded alright, but I didn't know/catch any of their songs.

Havok was on next and they were very good. I got a CD later. A bunch of people in HAVOK shirts, also. The vocals were horrible bu the band sounded good.

Skeletonwitch's vocals were predictably rubbish, but the overall energy was great and I enjoyed their extended setlist. A buncha pits, lotta movement, no real complaints about the performance.

Also of note was that there was a TON of merch, and reasonably priced (at least for Skeletonwitch- shirts $15, CDs $10, pint glass $5! etc.)

Full Review:


[B]Havok (approx 9:20 -10)[/B]
[LIST][*]? [*]? [*]Fatal intervention [*]Scumbags in disguise[*]From the Cradle to the Grave[*]D.O.A[*]Time is Up[/LIST]

[B]Skeletonwitch (approx 10:20- 11:30) [/B]
[LIST][*]The Horrifying Force (The Desire to Kill)[*]Reduced to the Failure of Prayer[*]Erased and Forgotten[*]Submit to the Suffering[*]My Skin of Deceit[*]Baptized in Flames[*]Crushed Beyond Dust[*]Upon Wings of Black[*]Choke Upon Betrayal[*]Beyond the Permafrost[*]Infernal Resurrection[*]Vengeance Will Be Mine[*]Bringers of Death[*]Repulsive Salvation[*]Sacrifice for the Slaughtergod[*]Soul Thrashing Black Sorcery[*]Of Ash and Torment[*]Cleaver of Souls[*]Shredding Sacred Flesh[*]Within My Blood[/LIST]
Setlists seemed the same as reported [URL="http://www.metalsetlists.com/showthread.php?t=21505"]http://www.metalsetlists.com/showthread.php?t=21505[/URL]

BootScraper 10-01-2012 10:09 AM

I was at the Richmond show last night and the first two songs Havok played were: "Covering Fire" and "Point of No Return".

tenchimyo 10-02-2012 08:42 AM

[QUOTE=BootScraper;491045]I was at the Richmond show last night and the first two songs Havok played were: "Covering Fire" and "Point of No Return".[/QUOTE]

excellent! thanks for the info! I'm sure they played those at this date :3

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