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treghet 09-11-2012 10:35 PM

Obituary -- Winter Park, FL -- September 8th, 2012
Decrepit Birth
[LIST=1][*]Of Genocide[*]The Living Doorway[*]The Infestation[*]A Gathering of Imaginations[*]The Resonance[*]Diminishing Between Worlds[*]Symbiosis[*]Crystal Mountain (Death cover)[/LIST]
Broken Hope
[LIST=1][*]The Dead Half[*]Dilation and Extraction[*]Coprophagia[*]Swamped in Gore[*]Preacher of Sodomy[*]Siamese Screams[*]Remember My Members[*]He Was Raped[*]I Am God[*]Gore Hog[*]Into the Necrosphere[*]Pitbull Grin[*]Felching Vampires[/LIST]
Obituary :drool:
[LIST=1][*]Stinkupuss[*]Intoxicated[*]Bloodsoaked[*]Immortal Visions[*]Gates to Hell[*]Infected[*]Cause of Death[*]Chopped in Half[*]Turned Inside Out[*]Body Bag[*]Back to One[*]Killing Time[*]The End Complete[*]Dead Silence
---[*]I'm in Pain[*]Slowly We Rot[/LIST]
All from setlist.fm

brutal_descent 09-11-2012 10:42 PM

According to setlist.fm, this is the first time Gates to Hell and Immortal Visions have ever been played :drool:

JRA 09-11-2012 10:43 PM


Fuck yeah.

Slightly shocked they didn't play Internal Bleeding or Godly Beings. Really wish I could go to this.

Onioner 09-11-2012 10:52 PM

Me likey. Me likey a lot. :D

treghet 09-11-2012 11:00 PM

The thing is though, they're playing as a four piece for this tour, and from the YouTube videos it doesn't look like they're playing any of the guitar solos. :( I'm really hoping someone steps up to play with them, like Matt Sotelo.

TheNobleFaceHumper 09-11-2012 11:02 PM

FUCK, i totally forgot about this show, i live like an hour from the place. :mad:

mankvill 09-11-2012 11:13 PM


This is amazing!

I am pissed this isn't coming here...

energymetal14 09-12-2012 01:06 AM

[QUOTE=mankvill;487438]What the ABSOLUTE FUCK!

This is amazing!

I am pissed this isn't coming here...[/QUOTE]

My thoughts exactly when I saw this setlist:bouville:

DefeatedSanity 09-12-2012 01:36 AM

Very nice Obituary setlist, anyone has the Decrepit Birth one?

girnny777 09-12-2012 03:58 AM

That's incredible. I wish I had gone last night.

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