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dcmetal108 08-23-2012 07:14 PM

Uproar Fest -- Tinley Park, IL -- August 22nd, 2012
This wasn't what I expected to some degree.

I saw some of Mindset Evolution walking in and while getting into the venue and they didn't sound that bad.

I got to the stage though just as Candlelight Red was about to start. They did nothing for me. They were your average radio hard rock band. The singer sounded as if he was worn out and for some reason there was a small pit for some of the songs even when it was slow singing. Made no sense and the crowd was still small so it wasn't too crazy. They just were extremely average to me.

Candlelight Red Set :

In Your Hands
The Wreckage

Walked around and did some mild exploring while Redlight King was on.

Then it was time for one the main bands I wanted to see, In This Moment. Even though I wasn't too fond of their newest cd since it is mainly radio hard rock I was still looking forward to seeing them again. I have to say they've changed quite a lot since I saw them last. Not only is half the band new but they dropped really anything that wasn't thew new album. While the new songs sounded good live and the band sounded good it just sounds like radio hard rock with a female singing. Maria for the most part sounded good and the crowd was loving it with singing along, a nice sized pit, and a great deal of crowd surfers (myself included). The set from what I remembered was a lot from the new album and they closed with The Gun Show where Maria stood by the sound board and had the circle pit around her. Now the pit was huge but Maria for this song was horrible. She sounded bad and for really most of the screaming parts she talked through them. They weren't as good as when I saw them at All Stars Tour last year.

Deuce of Hollywood Undead was next and again he was just okay. No one I would pay to see alone or go out of my way to watch again. It was your average vulgar almost parody rap I would say from the lyrics. The crowd seemed to enjoy it but I just never got huge into him or Hollywood Undead. It was cool hearing Undead and the song "Story Of A Snitch" was humorous at least. My favorite thing about them was their keyboardist since she was some blonde girl who was smoking hot.

Deuce Set :

Let's Get it Crackin'
Story of a Snitch
I Came To Party
The One

Fozzy was finally next. Chris Jericho is also the man. Had to say it. Fozzy sounded great and were having a great time. Jericho sounded really good and the set was mixed between albums. The crowd was pretty tame for them except during the last song but they band had great energy. Jericho was all over the stage. The crowd between songs had the "Y2J" chant going nonstop. "Sandpaper" live reminds me of a Van Halen song for some reason. They were a lot of fun to see and can't wait to see them hopefully headline soon.

Fozzy Set :

Spider in My Mouth
God Pounds His Nails
Sin And Bones
Blood Happens

P.O.D. was next and closing the main stage. Fun fact : the lead singer was wear a For Today jersey. I thought I'd enjoy them but again I found them average. I saw a lot of people just standing around. They sounded good and were a bit slow at times. For one song the lead singer was standing on some of the crowd. The band now is a little too praise Jesus lyrically and by his motions live. Their keyboardist did have some nice screams though. I left a few songs before they were done to head to the main stage.

Now Adelita's Way was suppose to start at 5:25 and I got to main stage about 5:35 and they hadn't started. That is when I found out Papa Roach cancelled and that was a major letdown since I was dying to see them again. When Adelita's Way did start they were great just like they were the last time I saw them. They played mainly the new album minus the one hit from their previous album. The crowd gave them a good response. Its' funny that last year when I saw them they were at a local radio stations fest as one of the first bands on the side stage and only a year later they are opening the main stage in the amphitheater. They played and sounded great though.

Adelita's Way Set :

The Collapse
Cage the Beast

Staind was up next and they shocked me. They were really really really good. The crowd mainly loved their singles but they sounded amazing. Their singer has amazing vocals not only with his screams but his singing is amazing. Their guitarist was headbanging the whole time and their singer when not playing guitar just walked around. I was just shocked not only by how good they were but by how much I enjoyed them. The crowd was really into the band and I actually wouldn't mind seeing them again.

Staind Set :

Eyes Wide Open
Right Here
For You
Paper Wings
It's Been Awhile
Not Again
Something to Remind You

My band of the night was next, Godsmack. They stole the show for me. Having never saw them I didn't know what to expect but that band was spot on. Everyone was having fun on stage and the crowd was going insane for them. Sully sounded great and was clearly having a fun time. I can't pick a highlight since I was loving every song. Hearing The Enemy , I Stand Alone, Awake, Speak, and Cryin' Like A Bitch was awesome. Voodoo live is just amazing and beyond anything I imagined. I loved them live way more than I had expected and regret not seeing them sooner. The drum battle was insane with how they kept in sync the entire time. When they started doing parts of other songs they crowd went insane. During "I Stand Alone" you could just hear the crowd singing along. I really hope I don't have to wait long again to see them.

Godsmack Set :

The Enemy
Keep Away
Straight Out of Line
Cryin' Like a Bitch
Batalla de los Tambores
I Stand Alone

After Godsmack I left since I was with others who wanted to leave and I had to convince them to at least stay till Godsmack was over. It seemed like a ton of people were leaving too and for the place to be that empty to begin with looked bad. Still the bands I liked were worth the day.


GWAR654 08-23-2012 07:19 PM

Fozzy stole the show hands down.

dcmetal108 08-23-2012 07:20 PM

[QUOTE=GWAR654;483970]Fozzy stole the show hands down.[/QUOTE]

True, I knew Fozzy would be amazing. Godsmack took me by surprise though.

More photos here (including great Fozzy pics) :

[URL="http://www.flickr.com/photos/apocalypticdemise/sets/72157631215352848/"]Flickr Uproar 2012[/URL]

NickLed19 08-23-2012 07:49 PM

Missing Shinedown live is a mistake, great live band.

dcmetal108 08-23-2012 07:54 PM

[QUOTE=NickLed19;483975]Missing Shinedown live is a mistake, great live band.[/QUOTE]

I never got into them plus my family went and they were already ready to go before Godsmack so I thought skipping Shinedown was a fair trade.

snowdog2112 08-23-2012 10:01 PM

Godsmack didnt play Re-Align? WTF!

bobbie solo 08-23-2012 11:11 PM

this is my worst nightmare.

NickLed19 08-24-2012 01:48 AM

[QUOTE=dcmetal108;483980]I never got into them plus my family went and they were already ready to go before Godsmack so I thought skipping Shinedown was a fair trade.[/QUOTE]

Why would they wanna leave before Godsmack and Shinedown?

hellawaits77ny 08-24-2012 05:22 AM

[QUOTE=NickLed19;484024]Why would they wanna leave before Godsmack and Shinedown?[/QUOTE]

Seriously. The only decent bands on this bill.

dcmetal108 08-24-2012 06:31 AM

Well for one thing my little brother and sister don't enjoy this music at all really. They were just miserable all day plus everyone had to be up early the next morning and Godsmack got over about 9:30 and they didn't want to stay till 11 since it's be after 12 before we were home then.

I just agreed and left. It was just my mom and I we would have stayed. She liked most the bands minus Godsmack haha.

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