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HackedUpForBBQ 08-09-2012 04:30 PM

Steel Panther -- Niagara Falls, NY -- August 8th, 2012
I decided to head down to The Rapids Theatre in downtown Niagara Falls on a Wednesday night for a good old hair metal show. Being at the venue again brought back memories, as I hadn't been there since 2006 when it was known as the Dome Theatre. The owner at the time sold the club and purchased The Sphere in Buffalo, which he re-named The Town Ballroom. Since this venue re-opened as The Rapids a few years ago, there haven't been any shows there that peaked my interest. Enter Steel Panther. The show was entertaining and funny, especially seeing the bass player apply lipstick and aerosol Aqua Net while looking into a zebra stripe mirror between songs. I loved the classic 80's antics, including all the synchronized movements and the guitar player making faces during the solos. During the extended solo in the middle, there were many teases of classic songs including The Trooper, Paranoid, Iron Man, Master of Puppets, Smoke On The Water and Breaking The Law, complete with the KK/Glenn side to side action.

While I've seen better shows at the venue back in the day, I still enjoyed this one a lot and hope that the new owner will bring more metal shows around. Black Label is playing there in October, so that's definitely a start. I'd see Steel Panther again, especially with all the girls decked out in 80's gear eagerly awaiting to bare their breasts. The good sized crowd surprised me and proves that there are other young people out there that love the 80's. Keep this stuff alive, damnit

1. Supersonic Sex Machine
2. Tomorrow Night
3. Fat Girl
4. Asian Hooker
5. Just Like Tiger Woods
6. Gold Digging Whore
--guitar solo--
7. Turn Out The Lights
8. Community Property
9. Eyes Of A Panther
10. Weenie Ride
11. Party All Day
12. It Wonít Suck Itself
13. Death To All But Metal
14. Eatiní Ain't Cheatiní
15. 17 Girls In A Row

christopher 08-09-2012 04:38 PM

I would love to see a set like that. I've seen them a bunch of times in Hollywood. I need to see them again soon since they play here every Monday.

Spiner202 08-10-2012 07:15 AM

Same set in Toronto last night. It was a fun show, but not really my crowd. Either way, I was really happy they played more from the debut than the new album.

PlaysWithKnives 08-11-2012 07:42 AM

Sounds like a good time. I haven't been there since it was Dome Theater either. I heard the new owners really fixed the place up. It's not a bad place for a show though from what I remember. Ill more than likely be up there for BLS in October.

HackedUpForBBQ 08-11-2012 01:50 PM

Yeah it's actually a lot nicer inside than what it was before. The floor is bigger now and they have tables and chairs on both sides of the place like at Club Infinity, as well as food. I have such good memories of that place.... Slayer..... Gwar..... Alice in Chains.... Ministry..... Danzig w/ Doyle..... some of my first concerts ever, man! I was very happy when it was reopened but the shows they've had there haven't been very good overall. I'll definitely see you at BLS

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