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MetalIsArt 08-07-2012 06:01 AM

Lokerse Feesten -- Lokeren, Belgium -- August 5th, 2012
The "metalday", so this time I had no reason to visit the entire festival lol.

Dio Disciples:
[LIST=1][*]Stand up & shout[*]Egypt (the chains are on)[*]Neon nights[*]The last in line[*]Long live rock & roll[*]Man on the silver mountain[*]Heaven & hell[*]Rainbow in the dark[/LIST]
[LIST=1][*]Ghouldiggers[*]No W[*]Rio grande blood[*]Lieslieslies[*]99 percenters[*]Life is good[*]Waiting[*]Relapse[*]N.W.O.[*]Just one fix[*]Thieves[/LIST]
[LIST=1][*]Heavy metal thunder[*]Hammer of the Gods[*]Power & the glory[*]Dogs of war[*]Motorcycle man[*]I've got to rock (to stay alive)[*]To hell and back again[*]Wheels of steel[*]Denim and leather[*]Battalions of steel[*]Strong arm of the low[*]Princes of the night[/LIST]
In Flames:
[LIST=1][*]Cloud connected[*]Trigger[*]Alias[*]Delight and angers[*]Fear is the weakness[*]Only for the weak[*]The mirror's truth[*]Where the dead ships dwell[*]Deliver us[*]The quiet place[*]Take this life[*]My sweet shadow[/LIST]
Machine Head:
[LIST=1][*]I am hell (sonata in C#)[*]Old[*]Imperium[*]Beautiful mourning[*]The locust[*]Aesthetics of hate[*]Darkness within[*]Bulldozer[*]Ten ton hammer

[*]Halo [*]Davidian[/LIST]


1) Ministry sucked. Al looked like a he was on herion, the sound was horrible and too much newer material.
2) Dio Disciples = awesome. Only thing I didn't like was that Scott Warren acted like a poser and you couldn't hear his keyboard for most of the time.
3) In Flames: meh.
4) Machine Head: they fooking kicked ass.

All in all, a great day for only 37 euros!!!!

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