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ijwthstd 08-06-2012 07:03 PM

Robin Zander -- Los Angeles, CA -- August 5th, 2012
12 Million Dog March
Pan Pacific Park

Several hour event to raise funds and awareness for pet cancer.

Billed as Robin Zander solo appearance. Very rare as he has had 1 solo album in the can for over a year now that was never released and he also never toured or did anything I am aware of to promote his 1993 solo album.

Cheap Trick made surprise appearance at the end. Usually Don't Be Cruel is like the last song in the catalog I want to hear, killing momentum in a regular show but in this context it worked really well.

01. I've Always Got You
02. The Ballad Of Jean & Me
03. What's Her Name
04. Dead Flowers
05. Every Dog Has It's Day
06. Act Naturally
07. Houng Dog
08. Don't Be Cruel (Cheap Trick)
09. I Want You To Want Me (Cheap Trick)
10. Surrender (Cheap Trick)

christopher 08-06-2012 08:11 PM

I wonder if this thread will be moved as well as the last Cheap Trick thread :lol:

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