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mankvill 06-05-2012 04:43 PM

Chaos In Tejas 2012 -- Austin, TX -- May 31st, 2012
I will add a link to this first post to my review up on Jukebox:Metal once it goes live. For now: sets and my personal scores. Jordan (smearCampaign) and Jon (moobys) will be adding some sets that I couldn't get, so I'll credit them when applicable. I'll also be making a thread for each of the four days. And if you want, I can do like a personal review on pretty much everything that wouldn't be in the Jukebox:Metal review, like food, record stores, merch finds, etc.

May 31, 2012

At Red 7 (Inside/Outside)

Mass Grave (no setlist so far): 8/10
Innumerable Forms (no setlist so far): 7/10
Phobia (partial setlist): 8.5/10
Gas Chamber (no setlist so far): 8/10
Whitehorse (no setlist so far): 6/10
No Statik (no setlist so far): 8/10
Nasum (pretty sure it was the MDF setlist): 9/10

Phobia (partial setlist included)

Bring The War
Beer, Bitches And Bulletbelts
Death To False Punks
Drunken Spree Of Violence
Fuck What You Think (?)

Nasum (I'm almost certain the did their MDF set, plus maybe a few more.)

Mass Hypnosis
This Is...
The Masked Face
A Welcome Breeze of Stinking Air
Parting Is Such Sweet Sorrow
I See Lies
Time to Act!
The Black Swarm
Circle of Defeat

smearCampaign 06-05-2012 07:58 PM

My thoughts on what I saw Thursday:

[B]Mass Grave[/B] - Dual vocalists lead Mass Graveís hardcore/grindcore assault. I hadnít checked them out before the show and was impressed by their live show. Great band to kick off the fest.

[B]Innumerable Forms[/B] - These guys have been on at least one CiT before and are more on the death metal side of things. The guy playing guitar for Innumerable Forms, Chris Ulsh, is best known as the frontman/guitarist/vocalist for Mammoth Grinder and those are just two of five bands he played in during this fest. (also Hatred Surge, Power Trip and The Impalers)

[B]Phobia[/B] - Itís rare to see this veteran band with the same lineup twice. Their frontman Shane essentially [I]is[/I] Phobia with a revolving door of great grind musicians for the records and live shows. On this fest they performed as a three piece, but in a live setting their songs really donít need a bass. The crowd seemed to be pretty familiar with their stuff and they were the first band of the night that had people moshing throughout their whole set. Opening with ĎBring The Warí is always awesome. I know Phobia's set also included 'Contest To Amend' and 'Rehashed'.

[B]Gas Chamber[/B] - I guess you would call these guys experimental grindcore. They would use more traditional rock song structures with grind elements interspersed but not in a gimmicky or forced way. Iím not really accurately describing them, but they made for an engaging and intense show.

[B]Whitehorse[/B] - I enjoyed this sludgy doom band from Australia, but alongside the speed of the other bands they seemed to slow the night down too much for the crowd. They got a much better reception at the Dragged Into Sunlight show on Sunday.

[B]No Statik[/B] - This female fronted hardcore punk band played a great high energy set that speed things back up ahead of Nasum. They were another act that a good portion of the crowd was really going nuts for, a ton of fun to watch. I think they were one of the hardest working bands of the weekend playing at least 4, maybe 5 times.

[B]Nasum[/B] - Nasum needs no introduction and were hands down the best band of the night. The crowd was pretty rowdy during their whole set; nothing extremely violent or too crazy, but healthy stagediving and moshing throughout. The band sounded great and looked like they were having a blast. They had the singers from Mass Grave come out for a song. Pretty cool to be at the last North American Nasum show ever.

mankvill 06-05-2012 08:47 PM

oh yeah, and Municipal Waste totally watched Nasum with us! :party:

rjturtle9 06-06-2012 04:04 AM

[QUOTE=mankvill;470211]oh yeah, and Municipal Waste totally watched Nasum with us! :party:[/QUOTE]


mankvill 10-01-2012 09:15 PM

[url]http://www.jukeboxmetal.com/2012/chaos-in-tejas-festival-2012/[/url] here is my terrible review of this amazing fest.

illuminatus917 10-01-2012 09:51 PM

I'll be looking for the Dragged Into Sunlight set. Curious to see how much new stuff they played.

mankvill 10-01-2012 09:55 PM

[QUOTE=illuminatus917;491144]I'll be looking for the Dragged Into Sunlight set. Curious to see how much new stuff they played.[/QUOTE]

at CiT, they only played Hatred For Mankind songs. I am pretty sure it went:

Boiled Angel/Buried With Leeches
I, Aurora

And a lot of it was extended stuff. If they did play another song, it would've been Lashed To The Grinder And Stoned To Death, and it would've been in between the two songs.

Natrlhi 10-02-2012 09:20 AM

[QUOTE=mankvill;491142][url]http://www.jukeboxmetal.com/2012/chaos-in-tejas-festival-2012/[/url] here is my terrible review of this amazing fest.[/QUOTE]You're right, it is a terrible review. :eyes:

Just kidding. :D

Not really. :eyes:

Anyway, it's not hard to guess what your live event of the year will be come list-making time.

Oh, and you should have watched Batillus. They are a fucking steamroller of a band in a live setting. Absolutely brutal.

mankvill 10-02-2012 09:52 AM

I was watching the rest of the Moss Icon show during Batillus. In hindsight, I should've left that show after Ceremony, walked a few blocks to try and see midnight/toxic holocaust, then gone to the DiS show in time to see Batillus

ravenheart 10-02-2012 12:28 PM

[QUOTE=mankvill;491142][url]http://www.jukeboxmetal.com/2012/chaos-in-tejas-festival-2012/[/url] here is my terrible review of this amazing fest.[/QUOTE]


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