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tenchimyo 05-26-2012 08:52 AM

Sabaton -- West Springfield, VA -- May 21st, 2012
(a bit late since bogged down w/ work)

I Went to see [B]Sabaton [/B]@ Empire (Jaxx). Got some cheap tickets from local favourites[B] A Sound of Thunder[/B], so that was even better. About one hundred people were there (kind of a poor turnout, but it was a Monday and it was raining earlier). The good part about that was that there was plenty of personal space then! I think attendance may have also been affected by the show in Baltimore the previous night. I don't know how that show was how many people went to that one, but a couple people who did go then were here too!

As we got there, we heard some sort of string music, sounding like masterpiece theatre. Very surreal. I think it was the...interesting... choice of opening band 'Amphibious Apes' some sort of avant /indie band. We stayed in the hallway and chatted with Josh from [B]ASOT [/B]instead.

Eventually we made our way in to see what merch there was and um drinks of course. [B]Sabaton [/B]had some CDs, including their double live (all $15@), so I made a note to get that one later. They had 3 patches for $10@, and some t shirts that I didn't think were particularly interesting. [B]ASOT [/B]had their usual stuff and some new wristband. I think I was expecting more shirts for [B]Sabaton[/B].

[B]ASOT [/B]came on a little after 8:30 and played until about 9:20 or so. They played mostly newer stuff (which was mostly fine cause their new album is very good). At one point, Nina (singer) demanded to see the best windmill. I had no chance, but a, with hair down to her waist was a sure winner. Another girl who looks like she doesn't go to metal shows was pretty active and they threw her a shirt. I think that was fine cause I'm pretty sure they were like 'hey, lets make a new fan.' We already come to all the shows :3 [B]ASOT [/B]sounded good as usual, but their set seemed shorter than usual.

[B]Sabaton [/B]when played their opening intro ([B]Europe[/B]'s "The Final Countdown", I'm sure other people were singing along we me... I think). They stormed out to the stage with energy equal to if not more than last year's performance (at Jaxx). With that much anticipation and energy flowing i don't see how anyone would not have a great time! They sounded good from the right side of the floor, but then I went to my usual back/middle spot and the sound was a lot more even. I was headbanging constantly.

Setlist wise, it was good to have some different songs from last time, but I really wanted to hear "Screamin' Eagles" :( Regardless, it was a pretty well rounded set. Some of their songs work very well with the crowd participation ("Swedish Pagans"). I mean there was so much positive energy that they got me jumping up an down ("Primo Victoria" I think) and *very* briefly in the pit ("Attero Dominatus" I think). They played the same thing that they did on the rest of this leg of the tour

[B]Sabaton [/B]had a bunch of new people (google for the band drama), but I detected no weak links. On oddities-[LIST][*]There was what looked to be a faux vagina (part of a fleshlight?) on one of their mic stands[*] There was a huge stuffed orange animal that the singer was holding up at one point on stage near the end[*] a roadie w/ a sombrero stumbled on the stage during "Metal Crue"[*] the singer put on some shirt that someone threw up at the stage (a um Saw IV shirt I think), soaked it with his sweat and threw it back[*] Getting a shout out during "Metal Crue"[/LIST]
My favourite part- during "Metal Crue," near the end, the singer got up on the monitor and is looking out on the crowd, and points at me and My Rainbow- "Long Live Rock N Roll" shirt and motions back and forth across his chest (indicating he's seeing /reading my shirt)- and "the RAINBOW takes you Home!" Since "Metal Crue" is one of their tribute songs to other bands they like/were influenced from and RAINBOW is one of those bands, it was a nice touch. I was totally marking out after that \m/

I think all had a great time. I was totally still pumped the next day from this \m/


[B]A Sound of Thunder
[/B][LIST][*]Tubular Bells intro[*] ? (older song..Walls?)[*] Fight til the end[*] Night Witch[*] Calat Alhambra[*] Murderous Horde[*] Out of the Dark[*] A Sound of Thunder[/LIST]
[LIST][*]The Final Countdown (intro tape \m/)[*] Intro: The March to War[*] Ghost Division[*] Uprising[*] 40:1[*] Cliffs of Gallipoli[*] Midway[*] The Art of War[*] Into the Fire[*] Carolus Rex[*] Swedish Pagans [*] Attero Dominatus[*] The Price of a Mile[*] Coat of Arms[*] Primo Victoria[*] Metal Crue[/LIST]

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