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moobys37 05-17-2012 07:27 PM

Watain -- Cleveland, OH -- May 15th, 2012
Setlist for now, review tomorrow

Black Salvation
Reaping Death
Devil's Blood
The Serpent's Chalice
Satan's Hunger
Rabid Death's Curse
[I][U][B]Casus Luciferi[/B][/U][/I] :rocker::rocker::rocker:
Storm of the Antichrist
Sworn to the Dark
The Return of Darkness and Evil
On Horns Impaled

VoidFlame 05-18-2012 05:22 AM

[I][U][B]Casus Luciferi[/B][/U][/I] :rocker::rocker::rocker:


mdnyhc666 05-18-2012 06:47 AM

nice set, a little different than the night before...

John The Drummer 05-18-2012 06:59 AM

This is why Watain stole the show for me. Behemoth's set was the same every night so I knew what to expect while Watain mixed it up, even if it was just one song. More bands need to follow this trend.

VelvetHarry 05-18-2012 07:29 AM

Before the Behemoth tour I was only mildly familiar with Watain. But after seeing them they have made a fan out of me for sure. Their albums are awesome and I hope one day I'll get to check them out headlining.:flame:

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