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Spiner202 05-11-2012 03:48 AM

Sabaton -- Toronto, Ontario -- May 10th, 2012
This was a great show. I got there for the last song of Battlesoul, mainly because I only wanted to see Skull Fist and Sabaton. Skull Fist came on around 9:30 and at first, I wasn't too impressed. Something about it just seemed off, but as the set went on, I got into it more and more. During "No False Metal", the singer lifted the other guitar player on his shoulders and he hit his head pretty hard on one of the speakers, but somehow he just kept playing like it didn't bother him. I've been familiar with these guys for a while, but only recently bought their album, so this setlist should be correct.

Ride the Beast
Like a Fox
Head of the Pack
Commit to Rock
Heavier Than Metal
Sign of the Warrior
No False Metal
Taking Care of Business (cover)
No False Metal reprise

Sabaton were way better. I'll come back to edit a review soon since I have to go now, but their setlist was the same as other dates:

Intro: The March to War
Ghost Division
Cliffs of Gallipoli
The Art of War
Into the Fire
Carolus Rex
Swedish Pagans
Attero Dominatus
The Price of a Mile
Coat of Arms
Primo Victoria
Metal Crue

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