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brutal_descent 05-07-2012 11:17 PM

Red Fang -- Moscow, Russia -- May 7th, 2012
Show of the fucking year. Absolutely terrific. Everything about this show kicked ass: the opening acts, Red Fang, the crowd, the atmosphere, absolutely every second it was fucking awesome. I'm kind of glad I didn't get to see RF at Mayhem Festival last year, because that wouldn't have done ANY justice to their live presence. Unless the crowd is right, I think I can safely say that you haven't seen the real Red Fang live; to experience the full brunt of their show you've got to go see them headline. Many thanks for whoever brought them out here less than a year since they got into the spotlight. :rocker: :rocker: :rocker:

Edit: Vagiant is now my favorite Russian band. Those guys got as much of a crowd reaction as Red Fang, which blew my mind.

Reverse Thunder :rocker:
Good to Die
Dirt Wizard :rocker:
Bird on Fire :rocker:
Painted Parade
Wires :rocker:
Into the Eye :rocker:
Humans Remain Human Remains :rocker:
Number Thirteen
Prehistoric Dog :rocker:

Hank Is Dead
Throw Up :rocker:

brutal_descent 05-07-2012 11:25 PM

In case any of you didn't notice, they pretty much played all of Murder the Mountains :rocker:

kalfitegrdan 05-08-2012 02:28 AM

[QUOTE=brutal_descent;464700]Humans Remain Human Remains :rocker:[/QUOTE]

I've never really listened to them, but that is an awesome song title.

bigguytoo9 05-08-2012 04:07 AM

this band is totally soaked in cases of Beer!! Pretty awesome stuff, glad they got a good crowd reaction.

VoidFlame 05-08-2012 04:20 AM

Holy fuck! That's a fucking great set! I wish they would headline here.

mastodon421 05-08-2012 05:13 AM

[QUOTE=VoidFlame;464721]Holy fuck! That's a fucking great set! I wish they would headline here.[/QUOTE]

This every word of it, Dirt Wizard:drool:

Natrlhi 05-08-2012 06:27 AM

[QUOTE=kalfitegrdan;464716]I've never really listened to them...[/QUOTE]You must rectify this immediately.

[QUOTE=VoidFlame;464721]Holy fuck! That's a fucking great set! I wish they would headline here.[/QUOTE]Yup. :agree:

brutal_descent 05-08-2012 11:45 AM

Not going to get into a full-length review, but I will say that the only thing that irked me in the slightest was that every five minutes the fog machines would let loose a full blast of fog in my face, blinding me to any possible stagedivers jumping in my direction. I dodged most of 'em, but one guy (had to be the fat guy :tp:) fell right on me and almost ended up pulling me away from my spot in the front row. Also the first show where I was completely wet (clothes, hair) afterwards; when I sat down in the seat of the cab I took home I got pretty nauseous from how drenched I was :lol:

slapguitarer 05-08-2012 03:01 PM

That's a great set. Hopefully they do some headlining dates in the US soon.

brutal_descent 05-09-2012 01:23 AM

Someone filmed all of Red Fang's set:


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