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brutal_descent 04-26-2012 02:39 AM

Astral Festival -- Moscow, Russia -- April 21st-22nd, 2012
Okay, here are some sets for the few people on here that I know were interested. I didn't stick around for pg.lost and Exxasens since they both started at around 11:30 on their respective days and I wasn't interested in looking for a cab at one in morning.

[B]April 21st[/B]

First band up: Powder! Go Away, who replaced Toundra since they missed their flight to Russia the night before. I was pretty disappointed that Toundra couldn't make it but P!GA were pretty good for a Russian post-rock band since most of them try to incorporate indie rock vocals (vocals in post-rock = a bad idea unless your name is Sigur Ros). Not that anyone on here cares about them, but to stay consistent here is their set:

1. 37th Parallel
2. That Is What Everybody Fears and Wants
3. Lost Touch
4. The Universe Is a Huge Black Square
5. Laika Still Wants Go Home
6. 13,125 Miles Exploded by Hundred Oscillators
7. Nobody Knows What the Clouds Think When They See Themselves in the Sea
8. It Will Never End

Next band up was a really shitty local band called I Am Waiting for You Last Summer. Not going to get into how much their gramatically incorrect name irks me, since the name shouldn't really matter; the music does, right? Well, their music was pretty shitty too, to the point that hardly anyone there was showing any sign of interest. IAWFYLS mix electronica with post-rock, a poor decision in itself, but to make things worse they copped out and got some dude with a laptop instead of a drummer, the most vital musician in a post-rock band in my opinion. Don't have a set for them.

Afterwards came Tides From Nebula, who were fucking amazing. These guys kick major ass; their post-metal sequences are as crushing as the kind you'd hear from Russian Circles, and their atmospheric post-rock parts are as soothing and majestic as the kind you get from Explosions in the Sky. Everyone in the band was obviously stoked to be there as well (they said it was their first show that they had ever taken a plane to), and I'm really glad they got booked for the festival. Probably the best band I saw over the weekend. Here's their set:

1. Sleepmonster
2. The Fall of Leviathan
3. Purr
4. It Takes More Than One Kind of Telescope to See the Light
5. When There Were No Connections
6. Siberia
7. These Days, Glory Days
8. Tragedy of Joseph Merrick
9. Higgs Boson

Unfortunately, If These Trees Could Talk had cancelled over a month before, so in their place were booked Exxasens, a Spanish post-rock band that had headlined the first edition of the festival back in September. I decided to leave early seeing as how I had already seen them and had not been impressed, but a friend of mine who stayed behind caught their setlist, here it is:

1. Spiders on the Moon
2. Science Will Save Us
3. Your Dreams Are My Dreams
4. Constellation
5. Sky In Red
6. Eleven Miles
7. A Singular Deploy
8. Eclipse
9. Casiopea
10. Stars in the Desert
11. Prometeo Desencadenado
12. Polaris

[B]April 22nd[/B]

Sunday got off to a weird start, with a fifth band added to the line-up at the last minute, a band called Breeze, from eastern Russia. They were okay, I guess. No setlist.

Next were Swedes Moonlit Sailor, who were probably the only other band I really enjoyed over the weekend. I don't really know how to describe their music other than "awesome", so I'll leave it at awesome. Check them out, and here's their set:

1. Hope
2. Earls Court
3. Colors in Stereo
4. Summer Solstice
5. A Footprint of Feelings
6. Night Stroll
7. May Day
8. Landvetter
9. 1994

Next were local superstars Mooncake, who really bored me for some reason; I mean, I enjoy them on record, but they just came off as mediocre live. I haven't got a set, sorry.

Another weird change in the line-up happened next, with headliners the American Dollar switching slots with PG.LOST. I'm not sure whether I'm happy about this, since a) I've already seen The American Dollar and b) I was actually looking forward to seeing PG.LOST, but it meant I managed to stay and watch TAD (I'm friends with their drummer). I don't have a setlist for them unfortunately, but I did find one for PG.LOST whose set I had to miss due to time constraints:

1. Spirits Stampede
2. Kardusen
3. Vultures
4. Terrain
5. Heart of Hearts
6. Prahanien
7. Yes I Am

8. The Kind Heart of Lanigon

ravenheart 04-26-2012 02:45 AM

Sounds like a waste of a weekend :p

brutal_descent 04-26-2012 02:47 AM

[QUOTE=ravenheart;462359]Sounds like a waste of a weekend :p[/QUOTE]

I'm good friends with the guy who books bands for the festival, so why not go when you can get in for free? I'm really glad I discovered Nebula and Moonlit Sailor too.

ravenheart 04-26-2012 03:06 AM

[QUOTE=brutal_descent;462360]I'm good friends with the guy who books bands for the festival, so why not go when you can get in for free?[/QUOTE]

Heh, I turn down free gigs constantly. I'm not going to waste my time going to something I know will suck just because it's free :lol:

Good that you found at least a couple of bands to like. I've seen Tides of Nebula and hated them, though ;)

brutal_descent 04-26-2012 03:22 AM

[QUOTE=ravenheart;462361]Heh, I turn down free gigs constantly. I'm not going to waste my time going to something I know will suck just because it's free :lol:

Good that you found at least a couple of bands to like. I've seen Tides of Nebula and hated them, though ;)[/QUOTE]

Well, I didn't think it would suck, and it didn't. As for TFN, they didn't seem like a band you'd like anyway.

GameFreac 04-27-2012 02:25 PM

Moonlit Sailor rules

illuminatus917 04-28-2012 09:35 PM

[QUOTE=GameFreac;462640]Moonlit Sailor rules[/QUOTE]

So does Tides From Nebula.

If I'd had it my way though, they'd have played These Days, Glory Days first, then Fall of Leviathan. Then throw in Caravans somewhere. But this set as is still rules.

Natrlhi 05-08-2012 01:14 PM

Thanks for sending me the link to this thread, Lincoln. I have to run right now, but I'll return later and read this when I have a chance.

EDIT: Awesome stuff. I'm envious as usual. Like "The Other Nat" (illumiNATus ;)) said, cool that you got to see Tides and Sailor. Big thumbs down that both Trees and Toundra had to cancel on you, though - especially the former. Their new album is fucking amazing, and I've loved their live show all three times I've seen them, when they were on tour for their first two albums. To see them live nowadays would be just incredible. :drool:

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