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brutal_descent 04-15-2012 05:50 AM

Dark Funeral -- Moscow, Russia -- April 14th, 2012
Okay, so yesterday sucked; by no means is it Dark Funeral's fault, however. Seemingly the gods of metal deemed that I hadn't had my fair share of coming into contact with assholes at shows, so they decided to make up for the long break by throwing not one but three idiots in my path, which is three more than I would've liked.

About a month ago, Dark Funeral changed the venue for the Moscow date of their Satanic War tour to a fucking shithole of a club, one not far from the original venue. Having managed to avoid shows taking place there for quite some time now, this was my first time at the club; stupidly, I decided to take the subway there and find my way to the venue instead of just taking a cab. After about half an hour of aimlessly wandering around the area, a few metalheads walking in the other direction called me over and told me that the show was at the other side of the street, a few blocks over. Soon me and my friend reached a parking lot full of metalheads; I should have taken the cue that this was where the show was at, but the bullshit was far from over. As I scanned the crowd for a friend of mine, a guy who was visibly drunk yelled to me that the venue was further ahead, pointing down the street. Being a trusting fellow, I thanked him and spent twenty minutes walking around a few apartment complexes, searching for the club... after my friend convinced me that he had lied to us, we doubled back; lo and behold, my friend was right, as the horde of longhairs had transformed into a queue, now a block-long. Thankfully, the friend I had been searching for earlier was close to the front of the line, and it was a good thing I came when I did, since they began letting people in mere seconds after I joined the line.

The only complaint I have about the venue itself is one familiar to me, since I've had to deal with it before: the stage ends at my shoulders, with monitors resting at the end of the stage forcing me to raise my head to look at the band. With a sigh of relief, the front row was far from full; I took the one place at the front row where no monitors lay, a big mistake as I would soon find out. Dark Funeral began their set soon thereafter, and before Stigmata was even over three guys had stage-dived, two of which extremely overweight. Remember how I took the spot with no monitors in front of me? The spot which was open for people to jump from? Yup. I left about two songs later, not willing to be a walking plank for these drunk fat bastards. I watched from the right, enjoying the newfound space around me and headbanging the fuck out of my neck. My neck soon became slightly tired, and as Dark Funeral began The Birth of the Vampiir, I took a break. That's when asshole #2 decided to pay me a visit...

The guy came out of nowhere, and motioned for me to listen to what he had to say, which was "Are you even a fan?" Slightly irked by his inquiry, I answered with "What the fuck would I be doing here otherwise?" The dude then asked me which one of the band members onstage was Lord Ahriman... I didn't fucking know, so I told him as such... which resulted in him shaking his head at me and telling me something along the lines of "You shouldn't be here." About ten minutes later, came asshole #3, who did little except mimic me, chuckling to himself every time I'd give him a glare. The next and final act of idiocy was fortunately not directed to me, but instead to a guy standing by the edge of the pit in a Job for a Cowboy t-sihrt... I could tell without even hearing what was being said that they were asking him what he was doing at the show in a JFAC shirt; the guy wasn't looking as if he was enjoying the newfound attention, to which the three or so fellows around him answered to by [I]throwing[/I] him into the pit and taking chase. Jesus fucking Christ, man. What the fuck?

Yeah, I know; I've haven't said anything about the actual performance. Truth is, my mood was sour enough that I couldn't enjoy it. Don't get me wrong, they were hella good for a club with shitty sound quality, but I'll refrain from saying anything else since it'd probably just be a distorted account of how it really was. Here's their set, with some highlights:

The Secrets of the Black Arts :rocker:
666 Voices Inside
Atrum Regina
The Dawn No More Rises
The Arrival of Satan's Empire :rocker:
The Birth of the Vampiir
Goddess of Sodomy
Hail Murder :rocker:
Slava Satan
Open the Gates :rocker:
King Antichrist

An Apprentice of Satan :rocker:
Vobiscum Satanas
My Funeral

VoidFlame 04-15-2012 06:24 AM

Wow, that sucks, we don't get that many assholes at black metal shows here fortunately. You Russians are crazy ;) At least, you got to see Dark Funeral. Here, they cancelled the tour.

By the way, was the new vocalist good?

mankvill 04-15-2012 11:24 AM


what a bunch of fucking jabronis.

brutal_descent 04-15-2012 11:33 AM

[QUOTE=VoidFlame;459848]Was the new vocalist good?[/QUOTE]

To be honest, I didn't even know they got a new vocalist, so my opinion is moot on this one :lol:

kalfitegrdan 04-15-2012 11:40 AM

Wow, dude, that really sucks. I don't see why people have to be assholes to fellow metalheads.

brutal_descent 04-15-2012 11:54 AM

I just remembered that I left out the part where I was standing in front of the fog machine in that short time that I was in the front row... yeah, that sucked.

justinm4bama 04-15-2012 02:26 PM

This is a very good set though! I wish we could've got them in the US... :tp:

mankvill 04-15-2012 02:29 PM

[QUOTE=justinm4bama;459898]This is a very good set though! I wish we could've got them in the US... :tp:[/QUOTE]

why din'tcha see em in 2007 like I did?! :mad:

justinm4bama 04-15-2012 02:40 PM

[QUOTE=mankvill;459899]why din'tcha see em in 2007 like I did?! :mad:[/QUOTE]

To be honest I just got into death/black metal in 2009 when I saw Cradle of Filth, Satyricon, and SepticFlesh :hecho:

NecroRob 04-15-2012 02:40 PM

[QUOTE=mankvill;459899]why din'tcha see em in 2007 like I did?! :mad:[/QUOTE]

He isn't a tr00 fan, obviously.

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