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christopher 02-20-2012 01:48 AM

Dream Social Distortion Setlist
After seeing them last night and Pablo's suggestion, I'm thinking of making a dream setlist thread. I'm going to keep it reasonable.

1.California(Hustle and Flow)
2.Diamond in the Rough
3.All the Answers
5.I Was Wrong
6.Ball and Chain
8.Telling Them
9.Justice For All
10.Dear Lover
11.Through These Eyes
12.Writing on the Wall
13.Reach for the Sky
14.Winners and Losers
15.Under My Thumb
16.Mommy's Little Monster
18.Alone and Forsaken
19.Don't Drag Me Down

elturtleboy 03-08-2014 11:42 PM

1. Reach For The Sky
2. So Far Away
3. Don't Drag Me Down
4. Bad Luck
5. Prison Bound
6. The Creeps
7. Mainliner
8.Hours Of Darkness
9.Dear Lover
10. Nickles And Dimes
11. Shes a Knockout
12. All The Answers
13. I was wrong
14. Highway 101
15. It Wasn't A Pretty Picture
16. Ring Of Fire
17. Sick Boys
18. Ball and Chain
20. 1945
21. Story Of My Life
22. Mommys Little Monster

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