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hiddenzombie013 02-08-2012 07:47 AM

Tool -- Orlando, FL -- February 7th, 2012
Venue: UCF Arena

Hooker With a Penis
(-) Ions
Forty-Six & 2


This was my first ever Tool, and I gotta say it was pretty sweet! The show sold out a couple weeks in advance, and the place was obviously packed. My friend and I got there too late for YOB, but I didn't particularly care to see them. Sadly, our seats were on the side, which I had a bad feeling about. Those feelings were confirmed once the band started, as the sound on Hooker wasn't very good, and neither was Jambi (a favorite of mine). We couldn't tell if it was because we were on the side, or the band sounded like crap period. I wasn't very happy, so we decided to move and we got a place where we could see the whole front of the stage, and it seemed like the problem before were the seats. The band sounded much better and you could see their visuals to full effect as well.

I mentioned this in another friend or two, but my favorite Tool song is Ticks and Leeches, and my friend's is Sober. Since they had pretty much been switching only those two songs out, we were basically each hoping for opposite things. Instead though, they played Parabola instead of either, which I think is the first time they've done so on this tour (I know on other shows they played it near the end, but not near the beginning). I was happy, since I enjoy that song more than Sober for sure.

The band also had probably the craziest visual show I've ever seen. I heard that it was better to have seats than to be on the floor for Tool, and I would agree. They got crazy whenever the songs did. There were also a couple songs they did particularly well on too, with Schism easily being the best, with Forty Six & 2 being a close second (keep in mind these aren't my favorites, they just sounded the best on these).

I do have a few criticisms though. For one, their set was way too short. They should have definitely thrown a few more on there, as they played less than an hour and a half. Considering how expensive tickets were, I could see someone saying they didn't get their money's worth (that's what my friend said, which I don't think is an invalid complaint). The song choice also could have been better for a couple. I would have dropped Hooker and opened with Vicarious, and although I love Intension, it was a low point in the show. I'd probably put Ticks and Leeches there actually! But overall, I enjoyed the show no doubt. I would probably see them if they came back, but I will say if their setlist ended up being mostly the same, I'd probably sell it.

masterguy49 02-08-2012 07:52 AM

I'm jealous about Parabola, i wish they played it here instead of sober. :bouville:

Though Hooker with a Penis is awesome live, wouldn't switch it for anything.

illninoese 02-08-2012 10:32 AM

I was impressed with YOB. Not many people seemed into them but it was a pleasure to finally see them play live. Even if the sound wasn't exactly what I expected.

masterguy49 02-08-2012 12:52 PM

[QUOTE=illninoese;442313]I was impressed with YOB. Not many people seemed into them but it was a pleasure to finally see them play live. Even if the sound wasn't exactly what I expected.[/QUOTE]

I agree, YOB was really good.

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