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DrPogo 02-03-2012 04:26 PM

Machine Head -- New York, NY -- February 3rd, 2012
Even though there's a million threads about this, I wanted to start a review during my cig break during Suicide Silence because Darkest Hour switched up their set, and rumor is, from the mercbooth guy that Machine Head has a couple surprises in their set, different from the other ones. He gave me a hint and said "think rare. Like not the last two albums rare."

I Am Hell
Be Still and Know
Beautiful Mourning
The Blood,the Sweat,the Tears
This Is the End
Aesthetics of Hate
Darkness Within
Ten Ton Hammer
Who We Are

Slanderous/Silver (just kidding)


Well, he was full of shit. Maybe he didn't know I'd known the setlist by heart from weeks studying it on MS, LOL. Same setlist, but it really works live. I really dig what Rob did to his voice during I Am Hell. I thought it sounded badass. Whats cool about the setlistbank is that you get into the rhythm of The Blackening or Unto the Locust on cd and expect one song to come after another, and its cool hearing them play some Locust/Blackening track and then go into Imperium of something, ya know. As everyone has noted, Machine Head is thundering live; translating from CD to live effortlessly and expertly, with just that little extra flashbang to keep you on your toes. Live YouTube videos don't do Rob's voice, especially in the harmony aspect with Duce. They really create a perfect dissonance that most bands can't do live, except for Tyr. I mean, bands can do harmonies, but to actually compliment each other musically while all of the other chaos is ensuing, with such an immediate transition from verse to chorus is impressive. I thoroughly enjoyed the first 7 songs, but unfortunately needed a piss break. After Bulldozer and Ten Ton Hammer, Halo and Davidian were absolutely amazing.

The Machine Head pits were great; filled with real moshers, not the fucking cyborg karate students that were present during Suicide Suckfest. The lead singer is a joke, and his stage persona really is something to be laughed at. I see their rhythm section presenting some talent, but they're really bad. My girlfriend and I went into the showroom during their monstrosity of a display if noise to simply watch these fucking jack-offs and their "dancing?" maybe, if that's what they want to call it? Lol. Anyway, Darkest Hour was good, but very new album heavy during the set. My favorite song by them is These Fevered Times off of Undoing Ruin (Track 9, I believe) and the breakdown in it is one of the best headbanging sections to any song. Of course they didn't play it, as they have only done so twice, and I did happen to be there for it :-) (year and a half or so ago with Dillinger Escape Plan at Irving Plaza.)

The BestBuy Theaters environment is really cool, and for a concert at a mid-sized venue, they have very reasonable prices on concession and booze. I was torn between a tour shirt and the Locust hoodie, but since it was my birthday, my girlfriend grabbed the hoodie for me. She was pissed that when we go to shows that bands don't ever produce cleavage shirts (bar Motorhead) lol so she passed on getting one.

To sum it all up, I really had a great time. Darkest Hour kept my interest, Suicide Silence was a joke, like normal, and Machine Heads blitzkrieg performance had the dynamic, innovative, and downright stunning style I expected and more. Truly great. I mean, seeing a heavy metal band, and I mean straight up heavy metal, like Machine Head is really refreshing. They give you the atmosphere and energy of seeing a big arena band, but at a place like BestBuy Theater. Professional and well constructed songs, presented in a manner that not many other band could currently hold a candle to, really shows that Machine Head will stomp forward, giving us great shows and even better music.

x-voltage 02-03-2012 04:55 PM

Hopefully it's A Thousand Lies, Nation Under Fire, or In the Presence of my Enemies.

bobbie solo 02-03-2012 06:57 PM

theyre about to end and nothing shocking yet. he probably just meant Old and was trying to be nice/get you excited.

show is great play though. a lil to much from the new record imo, but a fantastic show. really get your $'s worth on this tour.

Dj1214 02-03-2012 08:07 PM

How'd you feel about the distortion Rob used on his voice for the beginning of I Am Hell?

bobbie solo 02-03-2012 09:18 PM

it was completely unnecessary and sounded goofy. me and my friends all laughed at him.

Darkest Hour destroyed as usual. best band, it blows my mind that theyre not bigger.

SS was HILARIOUS. I was infuriated at them at first, then just found the singer's schtick ridiculous. And what's with the Hot 97 air horn sound effect? they didnt seem like they were using it for a laugh either. Just a bizarre stage presence and all around live show from them. please go away.

Robb talks way too much and alot of their newer material could have 2 or 3 minutes sliced off of each track, but that was a fun show. they were up there busting their ass for almost two hours. It's impressive how good Robb's voice is after all these years. Tight guitar work as usual from them too. There was WAY too much bass drum in the mix though. cant believe the sound people wanted it this way. it overpowered everything else, and was so heavy that it sounded fake, like an electronic bass effect. that sucked.

crowd was filled with neanderthal morons as expected, but the place had a great energy. crowd on the floor absolutely lost it for Imperium, Old, Ten Ton Hammer, Halo & Davidian. big big pits.

makethemsuffer12 02-03-2012 09:53 PM

Killer show. Sound sucked ass up front though, but that's typical for BBT.

DrPogo 02-04-2012 06:20 AM

[QUOTE=makethemsuffer12;440853]Killer show. Sound sucked ass up front though, but that's typical for BBT.[/QUOTE]

Usually up front there, the bass/double bass tends to polarize the listener. They havea unique PA there called a slinky-moretz PA that tends to push sound in n outward and wraparound ;filled hence why if you were above the pit the sound was damn near perfect, and if you go in the back its the same way. From about 5-9 rows back the sound gets much better, except you don't get any picks lol

DrPogo 02-04-2012 06:23 AM

[QUOTE=Dj1214;440837]How'd you feel about the distortion Rob used on his voice for the beginning of I Am Hell?[/QUOTE]

Like I said in my review, I really dug the distortion. Ir seemed like it was the most natural thing he could use for his voice without playing the overtrack. I though it was heavy as fuck, and loved it. Reminded me of Ihsahn when he does stuff of Prometheus live.

DrPogo 02-04-2012 07:27 AM

Anus. That is all.

Filburt 02-04-2012 03:03 PM

first post just to say this show was really awesome. the pits were great, no karate kids... everyone seemed to co-operate to make it a good time. Machine Head was monstrous. can't wait till they come back around. :horns:

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