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Grimjaw_Kurosaki 02-02-2012 04:48 PM

Anvil -- Mentor-on-the-Lake, OH -- January 27th, 2012
I'm so looking forward to this show in MN, I found this on Blabbermouth and since no one else posted it I decided I was going to so, I'm sorry if the FORMAT is wrong.

[B]01. March Of The Crabs
02. 666
03. School Love
04. Juggernaut Of Justice
05. Winged Assassins
06. On Fire
07. This Is Thirteen
08. Mothra
09. Thumb Hang (dedicated to RIOT's Mark Reale)
10. Swing Thing (Robb Reiner drum solo)
11. Fuckin' Eh
12. New Orleans Voodoo
13. Metal On Metal


14. Forged In Fire
15. Running[/B]

Northern_Shaman 02-02-2012 05:30 PM

I guess calling an Anvil setlist horrible is a bit redundant :lol:.

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