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wroed 01-23-2012 07:40 AM

Steelwing -- London, England -- January 20th, 2012
Venue: The Underworld, London
Support: Skull Fist, Vanderbuyst

Steelwing setlist:[/B]
2097 A.D. (intro)
Solar Wind Riders
Full Speed Ahead
The Illusion
Sentinell Hill
Tokkotai (Wind Of Fury)
They Came from the Skies
Lunacy Rising
Roadkill (…or Be Killed)

[B]Skull Fist setlist:[/B]
Attack Attack
Like a Fox
Get Fisted
Ride the Beast
Sign of the Warrior
Commit to Rock
Head öf the Pack
Heavier Than Metal
No False Metal

[B]Vanderbuyst setlist:[/B]
Black & Blue
Into the Fire
Traci Lords
Stealing Your Thunder
Rock Bottom

[B]Photos & review:[/B]

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