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treghet 01-22-2012 02:48 AM

Aborted -- Toulouse, France -- August 8th, 2011
I hope they keep Nailed Through Her Cunt in the set for the Overkill tour. :D

[LIST=1][*]Dead Wreckoning[*]Coronary Reconstruction[*]Meticulous Invagination[*]From A Tepid Whiff[*]Nailed Through Her Cunt[*]Global Flatline[*]Sanguine Verses (...Of Extirpation)[*]Threading On Vermillion Deception[*]Gestated Rabidity[*]Hecatomb[*]The Saw And The Carnage Done[/LIST]
[LIST=1][*]Upon Wings Of Black[*]Submit To The Suffering[*]Crushed Beyond Dust[*]Reduced To The Failure Of Prayer[*]Beyond The Permafrost[*]Sacrifice For The Slaughtergod[*]The Infernal Resurection[*]Fire From The Sky[*]Vengeance Will Be Mine[*]Choke Upon Betrayal[*]The Despoiler Of Human Die[*]Within My Blood[/LIST]
Source: [url]http://www.metalsickness.com/live-report-concert-festival-metal/aborted-toulouse-08082011.html[/url]

And there are videos from the show on YouTube.

[URL="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7wxAt3CSTDo"]Nailed Through Her Cunt[/URL]

dcmetal108 01-22-2012 11:18 AM

Great Aborted set and that video turned out awsome!

NecroRob 01-22-2012 03:19 PM

[QUOTE=treghet;437135]I hope they keep Nailed Through Her Cunt in the set for the Overkill tour. :D

Fucking this. Probably my favorite Aborted song.

hellawaits77ny 01-24-2012 09:19 PM

Funny you posted this, cause I just went through and looked at every Aborted set posted at setlist.fm the other night. Good set. I wish they would bring back something from The Purity of Perversion.

Still have never seen these guys, and the closest their tour w/ Overkill comes to me is 4 hours. Hope that festival w/ Origin and Misery Index comes my way.

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