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MPF 01-15-2012 03:19 PM

MPF's Top 50 Albums Of All Time
I originally was never going to do something like this because I have WAY too many albums to be able to do this. But I was requested to on other sites so I thought I would share it here as well, when I start in a little bit.

I made my list out of 189 albums that actually changed my life for the better. It's actually going to be quite a diverse list. Some will like it, some will wonder why other albums aren't on there (although I'm sure it's in my top 189). But when it really gets down to it, these are the 50 that made me....me.

I'll be starting soon on this, and I'm sure number 50 will be a haters gonna hate album, but fuck it, this is my list. :D:D:D

jd091 01-15-2012 03:36 PM

inb4 devy

MPF 01-15-2012 03:42 PM

[QUOTE=jd091;435028]inb4 devy[/QUOTE]

Who? 0.o

MPF 01-15-2012 03:54 PM

Here it is folks, the good, the bad, the ugly, the sexy. The top 50 albums of all time...in my humble opinion:

[B]50.)Weezer- The Blue Album[/B]

What the hell is this doing on my list? haha. Back when I was actually getting into music. Not just Metal, but actually realizing what music was. I discovered The Blue Album. While many diehard Weezer fans will disagree, they have never topped this album, which is part of why I never got into them much. Sure they have great albums, but they have a lot of shit too. (Have you heard all of Raditude?) The Blue Album is the definitive 90's Pop Rock Album. Every song is just as catchy as the song before it. And any of the songs that were on this album, could have and should have been a single. I'm still a Weezer fan to a little bit of an extent, but again. Nothing touches The Blue Album, it's Pop Rock Perfection, before it became so diluted and boring.

[B]Favorite Song: The World Has Turn And Left Me Here [/B]

Dextrimental 01-15-2012 03:55 PM

Well, you've started with a record by one of my favorite non-metal bands ever. Its also in my top 3 of their works. Nicely done!

mankvill 01-15-2012 03:57 PM

Amazing record! I think Only In Dreams is a great epic song, and Surfwax America is probably my favorite song on the record. :D

powerslave_85 01-15-2012 03:59 PM

"Say It Ain't So" is my personal favorite.

MPF 01-15-2012 04:01 PM

Weezer is one of those bands that is just undeniably catchy, as long as you hear the right song first.

mankvill 01-15-2012 04:03 PM

[QUOTE=MPF;435035]Weezer is one of those bands that is just undeniably catchy, as long as you hear the right song first.[/QUOTE]

First two albums are undoubtedly 2 of the best from the 90s.

powerslave_85 01-15-2012 04:07 PM

[QUOTE=mankvill;435037]First two albums are undoubtedly 2 of the best from the 90s.[/QUOTE]
...and everything else was pure, unmitigated crap.

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