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kevindeets 01-14-2012 10:48 AM

In Flames -- Royal Oak, MI -- January 13th, 2012
[B]Kyng[/B] played first. I'd never heard of them. Good 3-piece hard rock band.

Next up was [B]Veil of Maya[/B], and the crowd loved them. Their setlist is getting pretty redundant, but they put on an awesome show. I can't wait for their new CD.

[B][U]Veil of Maya Setlist:[/U][/B]

Crawl Back
Dark Passenger
Punisher (new song)
We Bow in Its Aura
It's Not Safe to Swim Today

[B]Trivium[/B] was next. I hadn't seen them since they opened for [B]Slipknot [/B]about 3 years ago. They absolutely killed it! Great set, and the crowd went crazy for them. I can't wait to see em again!

[B][U]Trivium setlist:[/U][/B]

In Waves
Pull Harder On the Strings Of Your Martyr
Forsake Not the Dream
Built to Fail
Like Light to the Flies
Chaor Reigns
Down From the Sky
Throes of Perdition

[B]In Flames[/B] headlined. To be honest, they looked very disinterested. In Flames has always been hit or miss live to me. I've seen them play great sets (like when they opened for [B]Mudvayne[/B] in 2003 and completely stole the show or their Sounds of the Underground tour set in 2006) and I have seen them play awful sets (like Gigantour 2008). Unfortunately this set was not-so-great. The sound quality was poor, too. Then again, maybe this set seemed lackluster just because Trivium & Veil of Maya were so good. I left after they played "Cloud Connected."

[U][B]In Flames setlist[/B] (INCOMPLETE - missing a few songs in the middle, & a few at the end):[/U]

Sounds of a Playground Fading
Deliver Us
All For Me
The Quiet Place
Where Dead Ships Dwell
Fear is the Weakness
Come Clarity
Delight and Angers
Cloud Connected

hellawaits77ny 01-14-2012 01:20 PM

Thanks for the review.

Trivium's set is still ghey :mad:

stevepwn 01-14-2012 04:30 PM

in flames why no good songs :(

zerkz 01-14-2012 05:10 PM

Swim is good shit! lol

renegadeaven 01-15-2012 02:19 PM

I hope Trivium adds Gunshot into the setlist by the time the LA show comes around.

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