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brutal_descent 01-13-2012 12:03 PM

Year of No Light -- Moscow, Russia -- January 13th, 2012
To anyone looking for setlists: I haven't got any yet since I'm not that familiar with either of the bands that played tonight, but follow this thread if you want them, because I'll most likely find them this weekend.

My first show of the year, and a somewhat boring one at that too. Overcalculated how long it'd take me to get to the venue and arrived an hour early, so just hung around the entrance with my friend, who'd decided to only tell me NOW about how he got hit by a fucking car last month.

Russian progressive/post-metal band Cosmonauts Day opened the show (which started an hour late because Year of No Light's flight from Kiev was delayed), a local band which I've been hoping to catch for some time now. The only thing that made them any more interesting than Year of No Light was the fact that they had [I]some[/I] diversity to their material; there were just as many Remission-like fast parts as there were slow, sludgy ones. Their guitarist was fucking awesome (seems like a guy I'd like to bro down with) and he's probably the Steve Harris of the band, if I had to guess. They could seriously use some vocals, but they're fine for a Russian band.

About half an hour later came on the French headliners of the night, Year of No Light. Remind me to never go see an instrumental post-metal band again, guys; unless their name is Pelican, Russian Circles, or Toundra, of course. With three guitarists and two drummers - an interesting fact since I had just had a conversation with a fellow audience member about how it's about quality, not quantity, when it comes to the number of members in a band - and a large crowd mostly consisting of 20-somethings wearing Isis t-shirts, it seemed like they were going to knock the socks off of me, maybe even make me into a fan! Unfortunately, their 80-minute performance probably did the opposite.

Now, Year of No Light is no drone metal band, but they're about as much fun as one. Don't get me wrong; I love myself some Neurosis, Cult of Luna, and Rosetta as much as the next guy, but I was wondering at times whether me headbanging was more like me rocking myself to sleep. Their monotonous songs, mostly lasting 9-12 minutes each, felt as if they only consisted of two, maybe three riffs. Long story short, the band finished their set to a roar of applause, and performed Persephone as an unplanned closer to their (guessing here) 6-7 song set, the only song I recognized. Walking towards the doors of the venue, I remembered I had brought some money to buy a t-shirt, if I found one that was good - I'm pleased to say I made a wiser investment, and am now the owner of a ticket to see The Ocean in a month. Good night, folks.

brutal_descent 01-15-2012 05:26 AM

Not that anyone on here cares (as proven by the absence of comments) but Year of No Light also played a new song from their split with Altar of Plagues, so that was cool, I guess.

brutal_descent 01-17-2012 09:00 AM

FUCK YOU GUYS, shouldn't at least hb420 know this band or something

anyhow, this is the set:

Perséphone (Enna)
Perséphone (Coré)

(New song from AOP split)

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