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hot_turkey_ed 06-14-2005 02:29 PM

The Go-Go's -- Saratoga, CA -- June 13th, 2005 (Review and Set List)
TOUR: The Go-Goís
SUPPORT: Unknown
VENUE: Mountain Winery -- Saratoga, CA
DATE: Monday, June 13th, 2005
ATTENDED W/: Lokia, TattooGirl
GEAR WORN: GWAR War Party Tour 2004 Shirt Under Sweater, Grim Reaper Pin
REVIEWED: June 14th, 2005


Yeah, fuck you. I like the Go-Goís.

Last night, my girls put out for me at the Mountain Winery, just a few minutes from my office. Do you know what a treat it was to not drive for hours to see a concert? The Mountain Winery is tucked up among the hills of Saratoga and offers a majestic view of Silicon Valley. Directions are really easy but you have to slowly drive up a couple of very small mountain roads to get up there.

The Go-Goís have been in my life longer than Maiden but just by a few months. My oldest brother gave me Beauty and The Beat during the fall quarter of my freshman year, and I played the hell out of it. That cd is still one I play from start to finish almost every time. Not doing so just seems wrong.

Shortly after obsessing over how close I could get to the front and center, I pulled the trigger on some tickets and bought the two Go-Goís releases I didnít own, a new studio album from 2001+/- and a compilation from 1994. God Bless The Go-Goís, their latest, leaves off right where Beauty and The Beat ends and commands my similar respect. The compilation frightened me because I finally heard some live tracks after almost two decades of listening to just studio work. Granted they represented very early live performances, very few impressed me and some were outright painful in comparison to what they recorded the first time around.

The Mountain Winery is a perfect date concert venue; the place is absolutely gorgeous in architecture, flora, and ambiance. Concert goers have a couple of dining options if they chose not to relax near a pool or on a dozen different wooded patios. The venue itself is very intimate and one should not worry about seat location because it doesnít really matter.

My concert record is here on public display, and I can honestly say Iíve never felt more out of place than at this concert. In the parking lot, Lokia blasted Judas Priestís Painkiller to cover up many of the pop standards polluting the air around us. To my very metal eyes, the crowd was one of the oddest, most diverse Iíve seen -- and that includes Ozzfest. Yuppies, little kids, a lot of guys in really bad Hawaiian prints, some married couple in pink tutuís (I was near the entrance when they entered.. the husband just kept blurting ďWhereís the bar?Ē)... it was all just really weird, maybe be it was normal. I saw only two girls that were even remotely metal -- and one of them was Jane from the band. If a concert ever needed headbangers in obscene black metal shirts, this one was it.

Lokia, TattooGirl, and I all skipped the support act for various reasons and libations. As the Go-Goís opened with Tonite, TattooGirl and I worked our way down to the main floor and our seats, about six rows back on the right. As to be expected, this was not very loud concert and no one needed ear plugs, even with the PA a few away above us.

Because I left my black set list book back in the office, I made only a meager attempt to write the set list but eventually decided just to bask in the music and presence of the Go-Goís. I knew ALL the music anyways -- a real treat for me given the number of concerts I attend. The set list was essentially the same as the last couple of California shows. I might be off one song or so: Completely out of order:

Head Over Heels
Stuck In My Car
We Got The Beat
Our Lips Are Sealed
Lust To Love
This Town
How Much More
Skidmarks On My Heart
Get Up And Go
Beatnik Beach
Throw Me A Curve
The Whole World Lost Its Head

Jane Wiedlan (rhythm guitar) is like three feet tall (actually 5í1), has a super squeaky voice, and is one of the cutest things Iíve ever seen on stage. We were on her side of the stage, so we watched her the most. The crowd kept shouting ďWe love you, Jane!Ē

Kathy Valentine (bass) needs to play metal ASAP, so she could be one of my favorite bass players. The Go-Goís music isnít that complicated but she has some nice lines and they really add color and character to their sound. Late in the night, three little girls (like eight year olds) were leaning against the stage admiring her; Kathy completely rocked them out. Very cool.

Charlotte Caffey (lead guitar) was on the far left side of the stage and thus didnít get much of my attention. Maybe next time. Same with Gina Schock on drums.

The last pictures I saw of Belinda Carlyle were from the God Bless The Go-Goís and she quite frankly looked a little unnatural, angry, and slightly constipated. Live on stage, she was SMOKINí HOT. Despite some recent sickness, her voice was just like Iíd hoped it would be.

The Go-Goís sounded exactly like I need them to sound. Some of the songs were a bit faster than the studio versions but none were so far different to make me gag. I wish I had a boot of the show; that should tell you everything. The Go-Goís were good enough that I seriously considered jumping into whatever transportation to catch their final show in Hollywood tonight. Yes, I managed to headbang here and there; TattooGirl is my witness.

How the hell do I rate The Go-Goís? How can I? They arenít a metal band but I can rate the experience: only 8 Eddies. That is extremely low and I view it as a complete failure of my rating system. :foaming:

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