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Bloodcurse 12-28-2011 07:05 PM

Bloodcurse's Top 10 CDs of 2011
Are you all ready??????

***I go by US Release Dates by the way***

DethMaiden 12-28-2011 07:10 PM

Stoked for this. :fist:

Bloodcurse 12-28-2011 07:12 PM

[B]10: Draconis Infernum - Rites of Desecration & Demise[/B] (Hass Weg Productions)


[B]9: Satan's Host - By the Hands of the Devil[/B] (Moribund Records)


[B]8: Blasphemophagher - The III Command of the Absolute Chaos[/B] (Nuclear War Now! Productions)


DethMaiden 12-28-2011 07:13 PM

Blasphemophagher consistently has some of the best album covers out there. Haven't heard this one yet, but they're one of the bands of whatever-the-fuck-Dayan-listens-to that I really enjoy.

Bloodcurse 12-28-2011 07:19 PM

[B]7: Pentagram - Last Rites[/B] (Metal Blade Records)


[B]6: Exhumed - All Guts, No Glory [/B](Relapse Records)


[B]5: Autopsy - Macabre Eternal[/B] (Peaceville Records)


Bloodcurse 12-28-2011 07:21 PM

[B]4: Black Witchery - Inferno of Sacred Destruction[/B] (Osmose Productions)


[B]3: Ghost - Opus Eponymous[/B] (Metal Blade Records)


[B]2: Inquisition - Ominous Doctrines of the Perpetual Mystical Macrocosm[/B] (Hells Headbangers)


Bloodcurse 12-28-2011 07:23 PM

[B]1: Impiety - Worshippers of the Seventh Tyranny[/B] (Agonia Records)


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