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treghet 12-10-2011 02:24 AM

Dream Darkthrone Setlist
If Darkthrone ever played live again for some reason, what would you want to hear? I love all of Darkthrone's material, but I decided to stick mainly with the black metal releases.
[LIST=1][*]Under A Funeral Moon[*]In the Shadow of the Horns[*]En Vind av Sorg[*]Eyes Burst At Dawn[*]Black Mountain Totem[*]Natassja In Eternal Sleep[*]Paragon Belial[*]Fuck Off and Die[*]Running for Borders[*]Over Fjell Og Gjennom Torner[*]Skald Av Satans Sol[*]Blackwinged[*]Unholy Black Metal[*]En Ås I Dype Skogen[*]Transilvanian Hunger[/LIST]

treghet 12-10-2011 02:41 AM

Side note: Here is a video of Darkthrone's last show (1996) [url]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iueEE-1rQ7Q[/url]

christopher 12-10-2011 02:59 AM

I'd be happy with that set plus Cromlech and make that last song Transilvanian Munchies :lol:

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