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ijwthstd 12-04-2011 12:46 PM

Iggy And The Stooges -- Hollywood, CA -- December 1st, 2011
(Whitey Kirst, Stefan Adika, Tommy Clufetos)

01. I Want It
02. Jesus Eyes
03. Here We Go
04. The Got
05. Shine
06. Babydoll
07. My Place
08. The Web Of The Spider
09. Two Shots




01. Raw Power
02. Search And Destroy
03. Gimme Danger
04. Your Pretty Face Is Going To Hell
05. Shake Appeal
06. I Need Somebody
07. 1970 (I Feel Alright)
08. Fun House
09. L.A. Blues
10. Night Theme
11. Beyond The Law
12. I Got A Right
13. I Wanna Be Your Dog
14. Open Up And Bleed
15. Penetration
16. No Fun
17. Cock In My Pocket

(though without the Asheton Brothers it hardly qualifies as The Stooges, still a great show. Maybe time to retire the name and do The Idiot/Lust For Life next year)

Onioner 12-04-2011 01:36 PM

Scott is still out of action? Jeez, now I'm kind of happy I didn't go. Thank god they didn't include any songs from The Weirdness, but any Stooges set without T.V. Eye or 1969 is just wrong.

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