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kulamram 11-21-2011 02:36 PM

Nader Sadek -- New York, NY -- November 20th, 2011
Santos Party House
no openers

the artist nader sadek sponsored free admission to this unique show: this is the first time all members of this project played together for a concert in north america. joining the an already-formidable trio of steve tucker, flo mounier and rune eriksen were novy on bass along with a second guitarist and female vocalist (the names of which i sadly didn't note and would appreciate knowing!). nader himself was costumed and present on stage. flo's drumkit lay directly in front of the stage on a platform, affording a 270-degree view of his magic. the 40-minute live performance enriched and deepened the quality music which you can hear on the album. a DVD was being made of this event so keep your eyes and ears open for further news on that!

(copied from set list)

overture/oil drum

nigredo in necromance
oil drum
mechanic idolatry
drum solo
ambience/guitar scratches/bass scratches
of this flesh
bass and voice

VoidFlame 11-21-2011 02:48 PM

Wow, this must have been crazy!

jd091 11-21-2011 04:18 PM

Oh shit, Nader Sadek is sick! That's so cool, man.

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