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cantona 11-14-2011 11:59 PM

Exodus -- Helsinki, Finland -- October 8th, 2011
Exodus played awesome gig in Club Nosturi in Helsinki Finland.
1.The ballad of Leonard and Charles
2.Beyond the pale
3.Children of the worthless god
6.Lesson in violence
9.War is my shepherd
10.Bonded by blood
-Foolin medley with drinking some Jägermaister on stage: Rock you like a hurricane/Blackened/Motorbreath/South of heaven:rocker:
11.Toxic waltz
12.Strike of the beast
13.Good riddance

Gig was amazing good. Band was in very good mood and set was full of energy.Audience was also very good and you can see it in youtube. Watch Toxic waltz on that gig. Realyy wild going....Very good Evening. Thank you Exodus.

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[QUOTE=ryan_streets;414590]inb4waytofuckuptheformat[/QUOTE]That's not even fucking it up...it's just blatant disregard.

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