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TonyD 11-04-2011 01:50 PM

Mastodon -- San Francisco, CA -- November 3rd, 2011
What a show...
Mike Patton made an appearance for a DEP song, we also heard Jello Biafra was hanging out.
For the second time since the meltdown in Oakland on the last headlining tour, Mastodon played better than I have ever seen. Their vocals aren't perfect, but way better than before out of both Troy and Brent, about as good as you can ask from a band without a dedicated singer.


And for those of you who didn't already see...



The only bad news of the night: no more Sleep shows in the US for the foreseeable future.

BlackmoreOfBowling 11-04-2011 01:55 PM

[QUOTE=TonyD;410923]The only bad news of the night: no more Sleep shows in the US for the foreseeable future.[/QUOTE]

Boner killer.

jd091 11-04-2011 02:32 PM

"Iron Tush"


slapguitarer 11-04-2011 02:42 PM

That show was awesome. I'll take the time to write a lil' review.

So, I arrived at the Warfield about an hour before doors opened. We(me, my dad, and my friends, Ben and Alex) were one of the first people in line. After a long wait, we were let in. I was able to grab some rail, front and center, so I was set up for the night. Well, actually I had to go take a shit, so Alex was kind enough to save my spot on rail so I could go drop the Cosby's off at the pool. I came back with some ear plugs for me and the old man, since I always forget to bring my own. At about 8, Red Fang started.

Red Fang were great. I was expecting the same set list as the one they played at Mayhem, but they actually changed it up quite a bit, so that made me very happy. Unlike Mayhem Fest, they had a much better crowd reaction in this setting, not that the crowd reaction at Mayhem was negative or anything. The crowd actually got pretty rowdy for Red Fang, and it stayed that way for the rest of the night. There was one particular individual in a Murder the Mountains t-shirt who was very enthusiastic and pretty much started a lot of the pits. I remember looking back when they started Wires and the look on his face was priceless. He seemed to be a chill dude. The sound was good during the whole set, other not being able to hear the guitarist's microphone that well. Prehistoric Dog was definitely the most energetic song in their set, and during the first verse I made eye contact with the drummer, and we both sang the lyrics together. That was pretty fucking cool. :rocker:

[U]Red Fang[/U]
Hank is Dead
Throw Up
Painted Parade
Reverse Thunder
Prehistoric Dog

Coming into the venue, I could tell there were a fair amount of people specifically at the show for The Dillenger Escape Plan, just by the shirts a lot of people were wearing. So, when the time came for the to come on, I was a little worried. From story I've heard from my fellow forumers at Metaluprising and videos I've seen *coughcoughvirginmegastore*, I could tell it was going to get really crazy. Now, I know most people would look forward to that, but all of my experiences at Mastodon shows prior to this were pretty stable. Nothing too crazy going on. One of the camera guys in front asked me if I'd ever been in a Slayer pit before, to which I answered no. He the proceeded to tell me this was as close as it gets to a Slayer pit, which worried me. But once DEP started, it was actually really fun.

When they started their set, the singer actually came onto the rail, standing there and using concert-goers as support and sang from there for a bit. Meanwhile, the rest of the band are going apeshit on stage, and the crowd is going fucking nuts. Initially, I was kind of like "oh fuck, this can't be good". But after a bit I was really impressed by them. They're great showmen, and while their music isn't my favorite, it is fun live. All their cool math-y and proggy parts were really cool. So, in between all of the crowd-surfers, the singer from DEP came onto the rail several more time, at one point he actually had people support him so he could stand on top of the crowd and do his work. One of the guitarists actually did this too, which was pretty cool. For one of their songs, Mike Patton actually come on stage and did a song with them. I'm assuming it was one off the EP that features him. I wish I could have heard him better, because he's probably one of the best singers ever. After that, the singer returned to getting on the rail and singing from there, and more than once I was one of the people who helped support him. After a bit instead of returning to the stage he jumped into the crowd and his foot was about an inch away from my face. There was another time he stage dived too, and he actually collided with a crowd-surfer :lol:. He went in with his mic, and came out without it, and the was the end of their set. It turned out to be the most fun, energetic performances I've seen. I wouldn't mind seeing them again, but I'm not going to make an effort too.

So then came time for the almighty Mastodon. This time around was very different the any of the past times I've seen 'em in a club. They didn't play any album in it's entirety and they didnt' have the screen, which I thought they might for the visualizers that had for The Hunter. This was probably the most fun time I've seen Mastodon. They came out and busted into Dry Bone Valley and the crowd went wild. Now, I think the fact that they aren't supporting Crack the Skye has to do with part of that. I feel that a lot of people who loved Crack the Skye, weren't really the biggest metal guys, so the didn't really mosh or much. Now, every time I've seen Mastodon there was a mosh, but the whole crowd wasn't moving. Now that they've moved on, I think the crowd is definitely a more "metal" crowd. I was being pressed up on the rail harder than I've ever been and I can still feel it in my ribs. So, everybody sounded awesome. Brann sounded great vocally and fucking wrecked shop on the kit as usual. Troy sounded good as usual and had an awesome tone. He busted out a weird kind of computer-y distortion for Bedazzled Fingernails, and he actually had a second mic out there for the sort of electronic vocals. Bill was awesome and actually took more leads than I'd expect. He took the solo for Black Tongue and more leads for other songs like Sleeping Giant. Now, that might be the way they usually do it, but I wouldn't know because I've never really been close enough to the stage to investigate these things like I was this time around. Brent was kick-ass on the ax. Only thing that sucked sound-wise for Mastodon was that I couldn't hear Brent very well, both for vocals and guitar. I couldn't even hear his solo druing Colony of Birchmen, which is quite a shame. So throught out the set they were just aboslutley solid. They played like champs. Troy has such an awesome stage presence, and there were a few time I made eye contact with hime and that was super duper chill. Another thing to mention is that Rob Trujillo and Matt Pike(as you guys can see above) were in attendance. Matt Pike was getting real into it which was fun to watch. Watching Rob try to air drum Capillarian Crest was also very amussing. So, this was definitely my second favorite time seeing Mastodon, and my favorite performance I've seen all year. They played perfectly. The only thing I can bitch about was that I was hoping for more songs off of Remission. Besides that, perfect performance.

PS: Spectrelight is definitely the best song off of The Hunter live.

Red Fang: 9/10
DEP: 8.5/10
Mastodon: 10/10

daimonos 11-04-2011 02:44 PM

Dude you got a picture with half of Mastodon and Matt Pike. That's awesome.

TonyD 11-04-2011 02:55 PM

[QUOTE=daimonos;410943]Dude you got a picture with half of Mastodon and Matt Pike. That's awesome.[/QUOTE]
I did not realize that.

I think I mentioned in another thread last night that when we saw Trujillo the guy who got us backstage went "DON'T say anything about Lulu."

daimonos 11-04-2011 03:02 PM

[QUOTE=TonyD;410946]I did not realize that. [/QUOTE]

I didn't think you did, just thought I'd let you know. :allan:

Pike looks stoned as hell, by the way.

I think I mentioned in another thread last night that when we saw Trujillo the guy who got us backstage went "DON'T say anything about Lulu."[/QUOTE]


jd091 11-04-2011 03:05 PM

[QUOTE=slapguitarer;410941]so I could go drop the Cosby's off at the pool[/QUOTE]


mastodon421 11-04-2011 03:07 PM

How much was the merch for all of the bands? I want to get a Dillinger shirt, I just hope it's not $30 like it was when they were opening for Deftones.

jd091 11-04-2011 03:08 PM

And Dillinger is the best live band I've ever seen. You need to catch them in a small club setting if you have the chance, even if you just stand in the back!

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