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electrocute1031 10-14-2011 08:55 PM

Devin Townsend -- Worcester, MA -- October 14th, 2011
Devin Townsend:
By your command:horns:
Vampira :party:

The Ocean:
The Grand Inquisitor II: Roots and Locusts :rocker:
The Origin of Species

So the show was amazing, i only really watched three bands: Ventanna, who put on an amazing show, didn't really know any of their songs but the singer crowd surfed numerous times, and spent a lot of time on the barrier, overall i was really impressed. The next band was the Ocean, they absolutely killed it, i don't know what the third song they did, sound was pretty poor, so when i tried to find it in my ocean library i couldn't really remember what it sounded like . oh and for anyone who still cares I was able to ask Robin who they were supposed to tour with, and it turned out to be the [B]protest the hero bill[/B]. I watched a little bit of psychostick, was going to watch more but the upstairs was already packed, so i couldn't really get a good spot sadly, i'm on the short side so i usually can't see the stage if i'm in the back, view is obstructed by those much taller than myself. then went outside and chilled for a bit. I helped psychostick load their gear, which was actually really fun. i met their guitarist before the show, he was wicked chill. After that i watched a little bit of otep, i saw their second and the last songs. The first song i saw wasn't so bad. However the last song I walk in and Otep is wearing a mask, and their is now a pig head placed onstage on a pole. personally i wasn't really impressed with the the theatrics, seemed kind of a stretch, and this is coming from a fan of theatrical rock shows since i've been a little kid.

Now for the band i was there mostly to see, Devin Townsend Project. I was lucky enough again to talk to the band for a few minutes before the show, and talked to Devin after the show for a couple of seconds, he was packing stuff up and didn't wanna annoy him or take up anymore of his time then i already had, i must have used the words "awesome, thank you" and "amazing" at least 15 times while talking to the band. I got my setlist from last years Worcester show signed. Needless to say this made my day. Devin Townsend (whether it be solo, or with Strapping Young Lad) has made some of my favorite music of all time. Okay onto important stuff. The show was pretty phenomenal, Devin has projections this tour, as well as the Ziltoid radio before the show. The performance was great, Devin broke a string, i think it was during supercrush, however no one really noticed, one because devin is a pro, two the roadie switched out guitars pretty quickly with Devin.

I decided about 30 seconds into DTP that there was no way i was going to enjoy CC, or Mushroomhead nearly as much as DTP. So instead of sticking around I called it a night.

Ventanna: 8.5/10
The Ocean:9/10
Devin Townsend Project:11/10

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