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tenchimyo 10-12-2011 07:34 AM

Firewind -- Springfield, VA -- October 11th, 2011
Went to see [B]FIREWIND[/B] at JAXX yesterday. It was not very well attended. Maybe a little more than 50 people (like the Rhinobucket show I went to at JAXX not too long ago). I got there a bit too early, and some band called [B]REPLICANT[/B] was on...a local band I think? I listened to one or two songs and decided I would sit in the back a bit...

Merch: [I]Firewind [/I]had some lame (IMO) affliction looking shirts and a hoodie and their latest CD. [I]Nightrage [/I]had a couple CDs and some shirts I think. [I]Arsis [/I]had CDs, a patch, and a bunch of shirts. [I]White Wizard[/I] had their first CD, a Vinyl, a big patch, and some silly looking shirts. I got some CDs, didn't really care for the shirts they all had.

[B]Nightrage[/B] came on, but seemed to have trouble with vocals cutting out on half the songs :/ The sound guy kind of tried to compensate by making the vox even LOUDER when they came back. Kind of a disaster for that area :/ I thought they sounded pretty good. Gus G rolled out and guitar'd on one song, that was very cool.

[B]White Wizzard[/B] was on next, I was looking forward to seeing them. No idea who the band was except the bass player (who is the main dude in it). Singer sounded like Ripper Owens- I asked the bassist who the singer was and he informed me it was the singer from [B]CELLADOR[/B]. What a twist! I thought they sounded good, but should have been better. I think the BASS WAS TOO DAMN HIGH. Iron Maiden syndrome there. [I]Starchild [/I]sounded the best, IMO .

[B]Arsis [/B]played what I was sure were [B]RATT [/B]riffs during the sound check ([I]Wanted Man[/I], [I]Lack of Communication [/I]at least). I checked with the guitarist after their set and he confirmed that all their songs are rip off of [B]RATT [/B]riffs. Hilarious. I thought they were pretty good, getting better near the end.

[B]Firewind [/B]came on finalllly and I was PUMPED. They sounded very good (but the vocalist's mic could have been pushed up a bit) . He came out to the floor during the Instrumental jam. I am taking a look at the crowd and to my left I see him standing there! Shake hands, give him the horns, pretty cool. The band sounded tight, no complaints really. Pretty good set list (tho I would have liked more from Allegiance.), a little jumbled from other dates on the tour.

Overall a very good if not great show. Sad that the attendance was not better :/ :allan:

[B]Song/set notes:[/B]
All openers- seemed to play one less song than other shows on the tour.
[B]Firewind[/B]- I know they played [I]Set the World on Fire[/I], but it might have been after 'Angels..' my notes are a bit jumbled on where this song was played. 'Angels..' was def before it tho
[B]Nightrage[/B]- first two songs I assume are same as other reports, they didn't say what they were
[B]Arsis[/B]- they didn't announce what the first two songs were, assuming they were same as other tour stops.

[B]Nightrage[/B][LIST][*]Delirium of the fallen (I think?)[*]Insidious (I think?)[*]Being Nothing [*]Wrapped in Deceitful Dreams(?)(A song they did with Gus G, he came out and did guitar on it)[*]The Tremor[/LIST]

[B]White Wizzard[/B][LIST][*]40 Deuces[*]Celestina [*]Fight To The Death[*]Starchild[*]Flying Tigers[*]High Speed GTO[/LIST]
[B]Arsis[/B][LIST][*]Servants to the Night (I think?)[*]Maddening Disdain (I think?)[*]Overthrown[*]We are the Nightmare[*]Forced To Rock[*]Ten of Swords[*]The Face Of My Innocence[/LIST]

[B]Firewind[/B][LIST][*](intro that sounded like [I]Head like sieve[/I] )[*]The Ark Of Lies [*]Head Up High[*]Destination Forever[*]Kill To Live[*]Angels Forgive Me[*]The Fire And The Fury[*]World on Fire[*]Heading For The Dawn[*]Mercenary Man[*]SKG[*]Til The End Of Time [*]I Am The Anger[*]-------------------[*]Into The Fire[*]Falling To Pieces[/LIST]

metaleloi666 10-12-2011 10:36 AM

Damn, 50 people!! It's a real shame for a killer band like Firewind...Why such a lesser crowd? I know it was a week day but still...

It's too bad I can't attend that tour next Friday in Montreal. I can't afford to drive 2.5 hours for the 2nd time in the same week (drove to Mtl on Monday to see Saxon and Borealis). Hopefully, they'll get a good crowd. It's the 2nd year in a row they play in Montreal, last year, they got around 200-250 people I'd say.

tenchimyo 10-12-2011 11:36 AM

Yeah, I don't know if it was not advertized, weekday, people didn't connect Gus G w/ Firewind, is back from holiday weekend or what... def disappointing turnout in terms of numbers. But people who were there seemed like they were enjoying it :3

Only like one pit I saw break out, during the first song Firewind did. Odd, as Nightrage or Arsis would be more likely to provoke a pit

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