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valgalder 10-05-2011 10:38 PM

Immolation -- Toronto, Ontario -- October 5th, 2011
Gigan and Jungle Rot opened..sorry don't have their setlist.

Immolation crushed as usual. They just released a new EP through Scion, but being the first date of the tour, they didn't have it yet. I'll snag it when I see them in Buffalo sunday... they did play 3 songs from it though and sounded great.

Majesty & Decay
Swarm of Terror
Under The Supreme
What They Bring [B](New)[/B]
Close To A World Below
A Token of Malice
No Jesus, No Beast
Power & Shame
Dawn of Possession
Still Lost [B](New)[/B]
Den of Theives
Sinful Nature
Illumination [B](New)[/B]
Into Everlasting Fire

World Agony (encore)

treghet 10-05-2011 10:55 PM

Great set. Can't wait for the show! :rocker:

hellawaits77ny 10-05-2011 11:10 PM

Bummed I have to miss this tour

adamclark52 10-05-2011 11:50 PM

They opened with [I]Majesty and Decay[/I], that's fucking intense. I saw them this time last year at the Mod Club in Toronto and that song fucking destroyed. Such a powerful riff.

I'm new to Immolation, I've only heard the Majesty and Decay album and the one before it, Shadows in the Light, but everyone should listen to the Majesty and Decay album. In 2010 it was second to Triptykon for my favorite album. So many good riffs, so heavy. The Shadows... album wasn't quite as good, and I don't have the disposable $$$ to buy too much of there other stuff but to anyone reading; do yourself a favor and check out Majesty and Decay.

They have to be one of the loudest bands I've seen too. Not very often do I have trouble hearing after a show but I couldn't hear for three days after seeing them last year. I really wanted to see this show but I missed a full days work to see them last year and I couldn't do the same this year. How was the turnout? Last year Vader opened, there were maybe 200 people there, and after Vader was done at least half the crowd left and Immolation played to less than a hundred people. So I was NOT surprised to see them playing the Wreckroom this time around.

larvtard 10-06-2011 04:55 AM

Nothing from Unholy Cult? What is this???

smearCampaign 10-06-2011 05:11 AM

Into Everlasting Fire and Dawn of Possesion?! Great set list.

I hope they do another tour late this year or early next as I am missing this show in San Antonio to see Mastodon here in Austin.

Spiner202 10-06-2011 06:21 AM

I'd love to have gone to this, but it was 19+.

I have to admit that despite having four of their albums, I probably couldn't really recognize any songs (other than maybe a couple from the new one). Still, I'm sure it was a lot of fun, and it would have been cool to see Jungle Rot too. Next time, I guess.

girnny777 10-06-2011 07:04 AM

[QUOTE=logAnarchy;402233]Nothing from Unholy Cult? What is this???[/QUOTE]

They did Sinful Nature.

DethMaiden 10-06-2011 08:01 AM

Only Immo song I ever really listen to on purpose is Father, You're Not a Father, so its absence is a bummer.

Nater 10-06-2011 08:15 AM

How was Jungle Rot? I really wanted to make it down to NY for the show but I might hold off till March to catch Deicide/Jungle Rot:rocker:

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