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slapguitarer 09-17-2011 05:06 PM

Cormorant -- Petaluma, CA -- September 16th, 2011
Cormorant @ The Phoenix Theater 9-16-11

So me and my pals arrived at the venue at 7:30, time it started. Before we went in, I met up with a ol'e pal of mine and sold him a 2 shirts for $15. Got rid of my ASP and MFH shirts. So we went in and we walked around for a bit. This was one of my friend's first time at the Phoenix, so I showed him all the sick artwork and all of the tales of this amazing venue. After all that, we talked to Arthur Von Nagel of Cormorant. Again, he approached me and said hello. Also talking with him was some bro by the name of Travis. He moved from Montana to Nor Cal in May and this was his first show. He was a pretty chill dude but smelled of tobacco. I informed Arthur that I purchased the ultimate bundle of Dwellings and he thanked me. I also told him that I got him some radio play in NJ. He then told me the following: The reason the haven't played A Dance Of Elk Entwined Recently was because they "forgot" how to, the hoodie that comes with the Dwellings pre-sale will feature the Cormorant logo in a chest pocket area, while the shirt will feature the logo just straight across the chest. Both will have the album art work on the back. Also, he has yet to receive the innards of the album, because the artist is still working on 'em. After our chat, he went back to the Cormorant merch booth and the first band started.

The first band was Motogrüv. They sounded like a female fronted Led Zeppelin. They provided us with some good ol'e rock 'n' roll. The singer was probably what impressed me most. Their second to last track threw me off because it the intro sounded like some fucking Ahab and the rest of the song was just your standard Doom Metal. So that was chill...

After Motogrüv, we went over to Cormorant's merch booth. We then talked to lady Von Nagel (Arthur's lady), who was maintaining the booth. She told us stories of how she, Arthur, Aaron Gregory and Jackie of Giant Squid were [B]total bros[/B]. She has actually sewn a plush squid for Aaron and Jackie's child AKA, Baby Squid. She's currently working on a shark. Once Cormorant were about done setting up, we went over to the stage to go see the band we (well, me, my two friends and Travis) had come to see.

But for rizzle, Cormorant were SO cash. Their sound/tone was the best of the night. They just absolutely fucking rocked the place. While they only had a 30 minute, 4 song set, that was easily one of the best sets I've see all year. I hate it when I enjoy something this fucking much because I have such a hard time putting my feelings into words. Basically, their set was 30 minutes of pure ecstasy and some of the happiest I've had in quite some time. I went apeshit during Two Brothers and ULTH. As far other stuff goes, Matt and Brennan provided the clean vocals during Junta and the chanting vocals during Uneasy Lies The Head.

The Purist Land
Two Brothers :rocker: :rocker:
Uneasy Lies The Head :rocker: :drool: :rocker:

So next was the lobby band, which didn't even play in the fucking lobby, Miles of Machines. They sounded like Iron Maiden worship with terrible scene vocals and breakdowns. No thanks. I went outside during their two sets.

Next band was Solaria, the first of two Power Metal bands to finish off the night. They were Symphonic/Tech-Power Metal. They were from LA so they traveled quite a distance to play to a crowd of the 30, tops. They were pretty good though. All of 'em were good musicians and the singer had some awesome pipes. They had some gear issues the whole set pretty much, and most of the time either the keyboard or the guitars were too low. The vocalist and drummer were my favorite parts of the band, well to watch at least. The singer was sorta awkward, spastic and clumsy. He did these awkward dances when he wasn't singing and when people took solos he'd get behind 'em and pretend to play their instrument with them, which was quite lulzy . The drummer was a robot. He was some Asian guy, and he had the same facial expression the whole fucking time. He was just there and it was funny. They had a good set, even with all the tech/gear issues 'n' shit.

Last was In Virtue. The shared the same singer was Motogrüv. They too were Power Metal. It was their pre album release show, meaning that they were selling their album at this show, which was set to be released in January of next year. They were pretty fun and the most involved with the crowd that night. Their second to last song was about witch hunts, so they handed out pitchforks and torches(cardboard) out. Arthur joined them for that track, providing some kvlt as fvck vocals 'n' shit. Their last song was about shark attacks, so they handed out pool noodles and towels that had shark bites on 'em that were covered in "blood" and had their logo on 'em. I got a pitchfork and noodle, so I put my pitchfork in the noodle and made and epic trident. Also during this song, a pit broke out when the guitarist/growl guy went into the crowd. I ended up bumping into Matt of Cormorant, literally. In Virtue were really fun.

After their set my friend bought both of In Virtue's albums and got a sticker, and my other buddy got a Cormorant poster. SWAG.
Outside of the venue, a guy who caught one of the In Virtue towels offered to trade it for my pitchfork. I obviously had the better end of the deal, because by the time I had crossed the street, they had already broken the pitchfork, because it was cheap as fuck. After that I went to my bro's house and hung out with him and some bitches. It was chill.

Motogrüv: 7.5/10
Cormorant: 9.5/10
Miles of Machines: 2/10
Solaria: 7.5/10
In Virtue: 8/10

Rocco44 09-18-2011 02:47 AM

Enjoyable review, thanks. Definitely gotta check these guys out.

idrinkwine732 09-18-2011 08:50 AM

The Purist Land
Two Brothers :rocker: :rocker:
Uneasy Lies The Head :rocker: :drool: :rocker:

I'm assuming Purist Land is that one Jethro Tull-esque rocker that we heard last time?

Two Brothers is actually one of my least favorite Cormorant songs, so I'm not terribly frustrated I missed that one, but I've seen Uneasy Lies the Head and Junta, so that's okay.

If you got Trojan Horses or something though :boxer:

brutal_descent 09-18-2011 08:53 AM


Video of Two Brothers.

slapguitarer 09-18-2011 10:22 AM

[QUOTE=idrinkwine732;396748]I'm assuming Purist Land is that one Jethro Tull-esque rocker that we heard last time?

Two Brothers is actually one of my least favorite Cormorant songs, so I'm not terribly frustrated I missed that one, but I've seen Uneasy Lies the Head and Junta, so that's okay.

If you got Trojan Horses or something though :boxer:[/QUOTE]

Yeah, Purist Land was the Tull-esque one.

I was just happy to get another track off of The Last Tree. Two Brothers is probably my least favorite on the EP too, but I still love the hell out of that track. Uneasy Lies The Head was fucking awesome too! Best 30 minute set I've ever seen. I was a little disappointed that they didn't hash out Confusion of Tongues, but I already saw it once, so no biggie.

idrinkwine732 09-18-2011 10:28 AM

[QUOTE=slapguitarer;396771]Yeah, Purist Land was the Tull-esque one.[/QUOTE]


UH those riffs were good.

slapguitarer 09-18-2011 10:57 AM


UH those riffs were good.[/QUOTE]


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