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tenchimyo 08-17-2011 05:31 PM

Rhino Bucket -- West Springfield, VA -- August 16th, 2011
I went to see [B]RHINO BUCKET[/B] at [B]JAXX [/B]with my buddy last night. There were about 50 people there. Merch booth actually had a pretty decent selection. Think I should have picked up their latest album. Or the logo/rhino skeleton shirt was pretty cool. Oh well.

I believe '[B]The Factory[/B]' opened for them. I guess they called them like night of, because the JAXX website didn't have anything earlier in the day. An OK warm up, I didn't particularly dig their bluesier rock n roll (w/ saxophone). However they DID remind me it was ELVIS DEATH DAY :(

[B]The Factory[/B] had [B]RONNIE [/B]from [B]KIX [/B]playing, so that was the best part of their set. I thought their singer emoted [B]GLENN HUGHES[/B], but def did NOT sound like him.

[B]Rhino Bucket[/B] came on and played what I thought was a pretty good sounding set. The singer had his rhythm guitar set WAY low, you could only hear him in like a couple songs. His vocals were a big muddy, but overall a very good sound from them last night for people who like bands that sound like [B]AC/DC[/B] lol.

Their set order could have used some work, tho, IMO. I like them, but it seems like [B]Jaxx [/B]had to have lost money or the bands don't get paid much... at least 10 people were on the guest list, so thats about 40 paying people... not a very big gate...

This was from songs I recognized, songs my buddy knew, and from what I could pick out from the lyrics.

Setlist:[LIST][*]Who's got mine?[*]The hardest town[*]Welcome to hell[*]Beat to death like a dog[*]Hey there[*]? song from new album [*]Smile[*]One night stand[*]She's a screamer[*]Ride with yourself[*]Beg for your love[*]The hard grind [*]?[*]World gone mad[*]?[*]Ride the rhino[/LIST]

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