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Sepultura69 08-15-2011 11:10 AM

KRS One -- Anahiem, CA -- August 14th, 2011
This show was only 24 hours after i attended the epic POWER OF THE RIFF Fest :rocker:

Anyways. After I get off work(which was around 10:30ish pm) I get a call from my friend telling me that KRS is playing at a bar in anahiem. How could I say no to seeing one of the most legendary Hip hop MCS in the history of hip hop and its fucking culture? Krs is one of my favorite Hip Hop artists of all time and to have the chance to see him again for the 3rd time just sounded grand so I said FUCK YES. I figured this aint no metal gig so no point in me going to home to change, shower and ect. Right after I get off work I go to anahiem to meet up with my buddy, scoop him up in my car and book it to the Ember of anahiem. The ember of Anahiem is a small nice little fancy bar which was VERY CLOSE to my buddies pad. Very smooth sailing, driving-wise.

Now heres the best part about this entire show :D

We get to the bar around 10:58pm. I ask the security guard if the legendary MC has gone on stage yet, he said he was going to get on stage any minute now. Security asks me and my friend if we already have our tickets...

We sort of just...pause and not say anything. Then the security starts spazzing out and gets off guard and starts talking to another security about something else, I have no idea what was going on....all I know is that me and my friend had our mouths ZIPPED SHUT...Wondering if we should say we have tickets or not :confused:

Then out of no where......They ask us for our I.D cards(the show was at a bar). Put on our wristbands, and they tell us to head into the show and have good time :eek:

To put it in simple words.....basically....WE GOT INTO THE SHOW FOR FREE!! FOR FUCKING FREE. EPIC WIN, EPIC WIN ON OUR PARTS. The show wasn't for free or anything, the security guards just...well, kinda a fucked up on their part. It didn't hit me until after the show was over that we both got to see the legendary KRS FOR FUCKING FREE. After the show is over my friend lets me know that we didn't even have to pay a single dime to get in....and then I started jumping up and down and skipping in joy knowing we got to see a legend for free!!! FOR FREE I TELL YOU, YOU FUCKS.

anyways back to the show :hecho:

We get inside the bar, There was only about 30 people at the show, tops. What a fucking disgrace. How the fuck does a stooge like lil' wayn sell out amphitheaters and stadiums but KRS..who has been in the hip hop game since 1985 and been rocking hard non stop since and still does up to to this day...play a bar? With so little to very few people? DOESN'T MAKE ANY SENSE. The hip hop scene is going in the toilet people. KEEP REAL HIP HOP ALIVE. NO NEED FOR THAT FAKE SHIT.

ANYWAYS. me and my friend find a nice spot on the very front. RIGHT NEXT TO KRS. AND I LITERALLY MEAN...WE ARE RIGHT NEXT TO THE FUCKING LEGEND HIMSELF. As soon as we claim our spot in the front stage, THE BLASTMASTER himself arrives on stage and rocks it for an hour and 15 minutes. It was epic as fuck to say the least. KRS still sounds as good as he did back in 1986 sailing back to his first LP, CRIMINAL MINDED. And the fact that this was my 3rd time seeing him was a true blessing.

I didn't think I would have much energy left in me after going to Power of the riff, and having to be at work all day prior to the krs show...but damn, I still had so much energy in me it suprised myself. I was rocking out the hardest then any other person at that show....hell, i was THE ONLY person rocking at that show...I know that sounds cliche but it was true. Hell, Even KRS took the time to stop a song and give me propps. He shook my hand and said these exact words


and then he shook my hand....and sighned my I.D card(IT WAS the only Item i had that i could think of for him to give me his John Hancock)...So yup, KRS ONE SIGNED MY I.D CARD. w00t w00t!! :D

at this point i totally regretted not going home and changing. I was rocking out so hard I was drenched and soaked in my pile of sweat :(
Overall it was a great fucking show. And random as fuck. I say random as fuck because I honestly had no plans on going to this show..let alone, I had no idea that he was even in town. I was just going to go to work, then prolly go home or see what all my people are up to. Glad I got to see the Blastmaster for the 3rd time. A very epic concert indeed and a nice break from all the metal and mayhem that ensued just the other night at PotR.

Sorry folks if this review shouldnt belong here. The best advise I can give you is mind your own damn buisness and just don't read the thread...BUT TO ALL THE HIP HOP HEADS IN METAL SETLIST. PEACE OUT FOLKS. THE BLASTERMASTER IS STILL ALIVE. i can't wait to see krs one again!!!! . peace. I gotta go get ready for work now. :rocker:

OH yeah I just feel like saying this one last time......


[SIZE="5"][B]KRS One[/B]
Mcs Act Like they Don't Know
Hip hop is Alive
Sound of Da Police
South Bronx
Ah Yeah
The MC
Black Cop
9mm Goes Bang
The Bridge is Over
Word From Our Sponsor
A Friend
My Philosophy
Kill a Rapper
Step into My World
Jack of Spades
Love is gonna get ya(material love)
I'm Still #1
Criminal Minded

BloodoftheKings 08-15-2011 01:44 PM

Sounds like a great show. I've always wanted to go to a hip hop show. That's pretty sick that you got in for free, I lol'd when I read that part. That's pretty fucked up that there was only 30 people there, the show must have been poorly promoted.

christopher 08-15-2011 02:26 PM

Lucky mother fucker! I want to see KRS One soo bad

Sepultura69 08-15-2011 02:33 PM

[QUOTE=BloodoftheKings;386120]Sounds like a great show. I've always wanted to go to a hip hop show. That's pretty sick that you got in for free, I lol'd when I read that part. That's pretty fucked up that there was only 30 people there, [B]the show must have been poorly promoted[/B].[/QUOTE]

IT HAD TO BE!! Because I went to hollywood in 2010 to go see KRS one at the roxy. We got to the venue around 10:30 pm and they tell us the show had sold out. So we sadly didn't get to see him that night... I even watched some videos from the show on youtube and it was FUCKING PACKED. Tons of people, probably well over 400 people at that little shithole! This show was like the COMPLETE OPPOSITE Bloodofkings!! I kid you not, there must have been only 28-30 people there tops. Which would explain why me and my friend got a nice spot up front next to KRS himself so quick and easily. :rocker:

Still, a great show overall. And thanks for taking the time to read my lil' hip hop rant :fist:

You should definitely leave an OFWKA review, whether they are my cup of tea or not, I would still like to read your experience :cool:

ShatteredFlame 08-15-2011 03:10 PM

oh shit another Sepultura69 review only a day after the last one! What a treat!

EDIT: Delivered! :party:

DethMaiden 08-15-2011 03:39 PM


larvtard 08-15-2011 04:44 PM

God, you're a bigger Jew than me :lol: The best part of the show was that you didn't have to pay???

BloodoftheKings 08-15-2011 04:55 PM

You should definitely leave an OFWKA review, whether they are my cup of tea or not, I would still like to read your experience :cool:[/QUOTE]

Not so sure if i'm gonna be able to deliver that review cause scalpers bought up all the tickets on day 1 and i'm not sure if I want to spend $60 bucks to see a band i'm only a casual fan of.

Sepultura69 08-15-2011 11:15 PM

[QUOTE=vegantopher;386138]Lucky mother fucker! I want to see KRS One soo bad[/QUOTE]

KRS is playing in LA at the Key Club on the 28th of October :cool:

JRA 08-17-2011 09:08 AM


I'll excuse him for not playing it. He probably got tired of it for a tour, plus if that meant deep cuts from Criminal Minded, that's fine by me. :D

I'd like to see Krs-One live at least once.

Hell yea starting out with MC's Act Like They Don't Know. That song goes so fucking hard.

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