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jd091 07-28-2011 12:40 PM

Obscura -- Cleveland, OH -- July 27th, 2011
Venue: Peabody's
Source: Me


Heaven's Assault
Eternal Drought
Virtual 2002 (?)
Extinction Protocol
Queen of Abandonment
Viking (new song)

Upon Wings of Black
Baptized in Flames
Crushed Beyond Dust
Reduced to Failure of Prayer (new)
Beyond the Permafrost
Sacrifice For the Slaughtergod
Strangled by the Unseen Hands
Vengeance Will Be Mine
Fire From the Sky
Infernal Resurrection (new)
(something)...Betrayal (new)
Within My Blood

Anticosmic Overload
The Vortex Omnivium
Ocean Gateways
Centric Flow

Universe Momentum

Oh man, what a night. My friend and arrived at the venue around 8:00, and since Skeletonwitch said on Twitter that they weren't getting on until around 9:30, we'd be good. Unfortunately, the first local band was still playing when we came in. Show was supposed to start at 7:00, so Peabody's was behind schedule. As usual. Didn't care much for them, so we stood outside in the cool little courtyard they have and hung out until the next local band came on.

They were actually from Pittsburgh, and called Victims of Contagion, and they were awesome! I really enjoyed them. They played pretty good technical metal, but threw in some good groovy parts, very much like the Faceless. They said they were selling shirts for cheap, but I didn't see where. Bummer, since I had a lot of fun watching them.

Next up was Solipsist, a local band from Cleveland. They play good groove metal, and I really liked them. They had opened up for Chimaira in the past, and I didn't mind watching them again. Definitely felt a little weird in the tech/deathy lineup that they had, but I still enjoyed it. Natrlhi also ambushed me when I was taking a picture of their setlist, saying, "What kind of loser takes pictures of a band's setlist?" :lol:

Anyway, by this point I was feeling like super crap. I had been pretty sick the last couple of days, with I think is a fever, and I [I]should[/I] have been sleeping, but I wanted to see these bands so bad. As a result, I kind of stood in the back for Skeletonwitch and observed their show rather than moshing. I FINALLY got to see them, and shit, that was an amazing set! :rocker: They played for probably 50 minutes, which surprised me, but it was sick. The 3 new songs all sounded incredible, also. I forgot the first couple words in the title of the song ...Betrayed, but I know thats what it ends with. The pits were great, and I'd say the majority of the people there were definitely for Skeletonwitch. The singer also ended the set by screaming out, "REMEMBER: EAT SOME FUCKING PUSSY!" :lol: :party: Hopefully I'll mosh to them for Arch Enemy... :snivel:

Unfortunately, just standing up for Skeletonwitch was sending pain through my entire body. I was cramping up all over my stomach and back, and could barely stand up without fainting. I was about 95% sure I would go back to my car and try and sleep during Obscura since I couldn't stand at all, but my friend sat me down by the bar and I drank some water. Felt better, but still couldn't stand up at all, so I just sat back at the bar and watched Obscura from there.

A couple things:

1.) They didn't have a bassist. I know, it sounds crazy right? I didn't know what is up, but they said they just got a new bassist from Japan and he couldn't make it apparently. It was weird though, since I swear I could hear a bass in their songs. Recordings of it, maybe? I definitely couldn't hear those awesome fretless slides that they had, which sucked so much.

2.) It was a rather short set. They definitely played less than Skeletonwitch, probably 40 minutes at the most. I wasn't complaining too much due to my feeling like complete shit, but they defintely could have went longer.

3) The crowd was pretty much dead their entire set. Not even a ton of people were headbanging. Again, I didn't care too much since I just wanted to watch the band.

4)Wow. WOW. Wow. [I]Despite[/I] the bassist problem, and [I]despite[/I] the short set, and [I]despite[/I] my sitting down from far away, and [I]despite[/I] the crowd, they were absolutely flawless. Performance wise, it was perfect. Completely. Christian Muezner was one of the best guitarists I have ever fucking seen. His solos- they're hard, right? Arguably twice as complex and awesome sounding than anything Necrophagist or Anata did. I could not hear one flaw in the guitar tone or technique. Exactly like it was on album. Steffen Kummerer was awesome also, and his vocals were spot on. His highs were beastly, and his lows were wonderfully demonic. The drummer was great also.

I was just completely blown away. It was worth all the pain I went through just to witness them like that. I'm done rating my concerts this year, since they're all awesome, but performance wise, this was great. For anyone wondering, this was just an off-date too since they had just wrapped up their tour with CoB. There were a decent amount of people at Peabody's, too. I think they only expected 50 people at most, but I'd say at least 150 were there. Before Ocean Gateways, they dedicated the song to Morbid Angel, specifically the new album. Nobody said anything, and Steffen was like, "What, the you didn't like the new album? No way!" :lol: And his german accent was awesome. Ocean Gateways also gives Vacuity a run for its money for the heaviest song I have ever seen live.

Still feel like shit. Gonna sleep after writing this. But... :drool: :drool: :agree: :agree: So good!

P.S. Natrlhi is convincing me to get into Clutch, specifically their self titled album. Wish me luck.

P.P.S. Natrlhi ALSO isn't a huge fan of Devin Townsend! HA! ;)

licksandteeches 07-28-2011 12:51 PM

I tried out for the Victims of Contagion a while back and they were the tightest technical death metal band in Pittsburgh....by far. great guys too.

I'm pissed I missed this show Skeletonwitch is always good live and Obscura is just on another level than most bands.

petrovar 07-28-2011 01:05 PM

I was there too. Solipsist are my buddies and always put on a great show! Even though last night there were some technical difficulties, they kicked ass

smearCampaign 07-28-2011 02:05 PM

Awesome Skeletonwitch set! I hope they get a similar set length when they open for DevilDriver.

mastodon421 07-28-2011 02:12 PM

That Skeletonwitch set is fucking awesome! Good to hear the new songs are great too. That sucks that Obscura only played two more songs than they were opening for Bodom, but I'm sure it was still great. They were amazing when I saw them last week.

daimonos 07-28-2011 02:33 PM

Victims of Contagion are a great local band. I saw them open for Skeletonwitch in april and I've met one of em a couple times. Nice guy, he is.

larvtard 07-28-2011 02:34 PM

Glad you took my advice :cool: You probably would've collapsed if you started moshing :lol:

jd091 07-28-2011 04:39 PM

[QUOTE=logAnarchy;380596]Glad you took my advice :cool: You probably would've collapsed if you started moshing :lol:[/QUOTE]

It wasn't even your advice, man. I KNEW I couldn't mosh at all. I was looking at the moshers and getting sick. I was thinking if one of them bumped into me, I would pass out then and there. The pits were great for Skeletonwitch, though.

brutal_descent 07-28-2011 04:44 PM

Speaking of shows and getting sick, I'm never going to mess with going to more than two shows in a row again (unless it's a festival and I have no choice). Back in July '10 when I was still an early show-goer (having only seeing Metallica/Fear Factory/Gojira and Guns N' Roses/Danko Jones) I found three really cool shows that I wanted to go to... one after another. They were Bullet For My Valentine on the 12th, Megadeth on the 13th, and Slash on the 14th. Needless to say, I said fuck it and went to all three. I was already a bit shaky at Slash, and as soon as I left the venue I just started vomiting :lol:

I spent the next two weeks in bed with a fucking fever AND migraine (I don't know how that's possible) and missed shows from Bad Religion and Gogol Bordello. :(

jd091 07-28-2011 05:53 PM

You liked Slash? Weird. I saw him on a festival and couldn't stand him. I ended up leaving the stage after 3 songs to get a good spot for Mastodon, who were playing on another stage. :D

And yep, I just took my temperature and I have a fever of 102 degrees. Great. I'm in a state where I'm just constantly tired. Sucks. Still worth it!

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