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AnataFan4Life 07-26-2011 09:16 AM

MORE new music: Blotted Science teaser

Prog Metal bands sure have a lot of awesome stuff coming! Maybe next we will get a new Meshuggah song :horns:

daimonos 07-26-2011 10:18 AM


llama lom 07-26-2011 10:43 AM


llama lom 07-26-2011 11:54 AM

More info from this video on Ron's YouTube:

Release Date: October 4, 2011

Track Listing (not sure if it's in order, just how it shows up in the video):
Ingesting Blattaria
Cretaceous Chasm
Vermicular Asphyxiation
A Sting Operation
I. Human Barbequed
II. Cessation Sanitation
III. Seeing Dead People
IV. Omitting Eyes

Apparently the new album is only 24 minutes long, which is kind of a let down, but I'll take it.

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