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VoidFlame 07-24-2011 05:31 AM

Heavy MTL Festival Day 1 -- Montreal, Quebec -- July 23rd, 2011
Fucking great day of metal! I'm all bruised from the pits and the headbanging and day 2 starts this afternoon. Setlists coming up tomorrow!

Explanation for the Suicide Silence rating: I don't like their music that much, but their songs fit well for a live show and really got the crowd going.

[B][U]Mass Murder Messiah[/U][/B] (missing a few)

Killing Spree
AC7AC (with Oscar from Anonymus)
Morose on a Daily Basis
Widespread Fads

[B][U]Slaves On Dope[/U][/B] (only catched the last two songs)

No More Faith
Pushing Me

[B][U]All Shall Perish[/U][/B]

Wage Slaves
Gagged, Bound, Shelved and Forgotten
There Is No Business to Be Done on a Dead Planet
Procession of Ashes
In this Life of Pain
There is Nothing Left

[B][U]Red Fang[/U][/B]

Reverse Thunder
Into the Eye (?)
Night Destroyer (?)
Good To Die
Prehistoric Dog

[B][U]Death Angel[/U][/B]

Claws in So Deep
Mistress of Pain
I Chose the Sky
Seemingly Endless Time
River of Rapture
The Ultra-Violence (intro)
Thrown to the Wolves

[B][U]Suicide Silence[/U][/B]

Wake Up
You Only Live Once
Fuck Everything
Slaves to Substance
No Pity for a Coward

[B][U]Kingdom of Sorrow[/U][/B]

Behind the Blackest Tears
Free the Fallen
Enlightened to Extinction
Begging for the Truth
Monuments of Ash
The Fearless Must Endure (Jasta solo song)
Led Into Demise
Lead the Ghosts Astray
Buried in Black


(Equinox intro)
My Will Be Done
Black Hearts Now Reign
Shadows in the Light
Watch It Burn
This Lying World
Sanctity of Brothers
Eyes of Black
The Great Dividers

[B][U]Machine Head[/U][/B]

Beautiful Mourning
Aesthetics of Hate
Davidian (with Death Angel singing at the end)


In Waves
A Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation
Like Light to the Flies
Built to Fall
The Deceived
Down from the Sky
Throes of Perdition
Pull Harder on the Strings of Your Martyr

[B][U]In Flames[/U][/B]

Cloud Connected
Pinball Map
Deliver Us
Only for the Weak
The Hive
Where the Dead Ships Dwell
The Mirror's Truth
The Quiet Place
Take This Life

[B][U]Necronomicon[/U][/B] (arrived late so missing the first songs)

Through the Door of Time
Into the Fire
The Return of the Witch
The Sacred Medicines
The Time is Now


Cryin' Like a Bitch
The Enemy
Forever Shamed
Straight Out of Line
Drum Battle
I Stand Alone


The Game
The Animal
Inside The Fire
Fear/Meaning Of Life/Numb/Voices medley
Another Way To Die
Ten Thousand Fists
Down with the Sickness


(SAW / Crown of Horns intro)
Slit Your Guts
Worship Your Demons
White Worms
Benedictine Convulsions (with Lord Worm)
Emaciate (with Mike DiSalvo)
We Bleed (with Mike DiSalvo)
Cold Hate, Warm Blood

Mass Murder Messiah 6,5/10
All Shall Perish 8/10
Red Fang 8,5/10
Death Angel 7/10
Suicide Silence 9/10
Kingdom of Sorrow 9,5/10
Machine Head 9,5/10
In Flames 9/10
Trivium 7/10
Godsmack 8,5/10
Disturbed 7/10
Cryptopsy 9,5/10

Source: Me and one of my friends, and youtube for the Unearth set.

Other bands playing of which I didn't get the setlists:

Dead & Divine / Straight Line Stitch / Blackguard / Grimskunk / Billy Talent / Dissension

holy_nick1991 07-24-2011 06:23 AM

Cool day for sure man, but today is the big day, Death Angel, Machine Head and Red Fang were amazing, also apparently some guy died during suicide silence, i don't know for sure though

VoidFlame 07-24-2011 07:04 AM

[QUOTE=holy_nick1991;379041]some guy died during suicide silence, i don't know for sure though[/QUOTE]

What? Didn't hear about that! Guess we'll hear about it in the news if that's true... who told you that?

holy_nick1991 07-24-2011 07:12 AM

Do you remember before Machine head how there was an ambulance in front of the stage and we couldn't get through for the longest time, well I heard from my friends that were watching Suicide Silence and others around that some dude fell on his neck and got trampled and that finally his neck was broken, but like I said that's only what I heard, but alot of people were saying that, though I didn't hear anything on TVA, assuming that would be the first place that they would make themselves a pleasure to announce that something went wrong at a heavy metal concert.

VoidFlame 07-24-2011 07:13 AM

Quote from the Heavy MTL crew on Twitter: "To reassure some of you, no serious injuries on site everyone is having a good time." and "We received word from Urgence Santé that he is ok." Good to hear!

PowerMaiden 07-24-2011 07:13 AM

a shitty bands in my opinion, today is the big day

leaving soon

edit: except for Machine Head

Cheers !

VoidFlame 07-24-2011 07:14 AM

Can't wait for Gorguts, Morbid Angel, Opeth and Anthrax!

PowerMaiden 07-24-2011 07:19 AM

for me it's gonna be mainly Children Of Bodom,Anthrax,Annihilator, Opeth, Motorhead and Anonymus also Lazarus A.D.

The Sword weren't able to play yesterday in Toronto due to borders issues I don't know if they will play today

Cheers !

adamclark52 07-24-2011 08:33 AM

[QUOTE=VoidFlame;379055]Can't wait for Gorguts, Morbid Angel, Opeth and Anthrax![/QUOTE]

Whoa, back it up, Morbid Angel is playing the Montreal date? I wonder if they're playing Heavy T.O. too? If not, then them and Cryptopsy further prove to me that Montreal got a WAY better line up.

Did Cryptopsy go on after Disturbed?

Blacktooth85 07-24-2011 02:12 PM

I wish the sets at the Mayhem fest were longer like these were. Especially Machine Head's. They closed with Davidian at this one... Oh well, that's the main reason i didn't go to Mayhem fest... short sets by Machine Head and Megadeth.

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