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300%_Density 07-22-2011 09:10 PM

Disturbed Going On Hiatus???
Best news of the week...possibly the month...possibly the year. I apologize b/c there are a few Disturbed fans on here. My apologies to you...


DISTURBED singer David Draiman has commented on persistent rumors that the band will call it quits once it completes its South American tour in August.

Asked by a fan via Twitter if it's true that DISTURBED might break up, Draiman replied earlier today (Friday, July 22), "We don't know what we're doing yet. All I can tell you is that we will be gone for quite a while."

Draiman told an Idaho radio station on July 13 that the band will not headline a sixth "Music As A Weapon" tour in 2012 and is not sure what its plans for the future are. In the interview with Boise's KQXR, Draiman said, "We don't know what we're doing . . . This is gonna be the last tour that the American people get to see us in for awhile, if not indefinitely. We have some things going on internally, we have some personal things going on. So I don't know. It's hard to tell . . . But you're not gonna see a DISTURBED tour for awhile."

Draiman did not elaborate on what "personal" or "internal" issues the band was dealing with.

I'm really hoping this happens. I don't wish anything bad towards the band as far as their "personal" / "internal" issues go but god enough is enough already. I have a feeling they will go the SOAD way, maybe somebody does a couple solo albums, they will be shit and nobody will like them, then 4-5 years they get back together, do a huge festival and we are stuck w/ Disturbed again. Just a guess.

LAXdef16 07-22-2011 09:11 PM


street_burial 07-22-2011 09:16 PM


Indestructible 07-22-2011 09:18 PM

I can understand giving some mainstream bands shit, but why would you talk shit about a mainstream band that is actually good?

Indestructible 07-22-2011 09:21 PM

I'm so cool Im hating on Disturbed where's my reward.

makethemsuffer12 07-22-2011 09:22 PM

[QUOTE=Indestructible;378643]I can understand giving some mainstream bands shit,[B] but why would you talk shit about a mainstream band that is actually good[/B]?[/QUOTE]

You see, "good" is subjective here.

[QUOTE=Indestructible;378645]I'm so cool Im hating on Disturbed where's my reward.[/QUOTE]

No need for this, it won't change anything.

I like Disturbed, btw.

300%_Density 07-22-2011 09:27 PM

I have no problem admitting that I liked The Sickness & then after buying Believe they really kind of lost me and they've never really done anything w/ the exception of a song or 2 that I enjoyed. I've seen them 4-5x and each time I saw them I enjoyed them less and less. It's not like I'm hating w/o giving them a chance, they've gotten less enjoyable for me as the years go by. I'm not hating on anyone that does, to each their own.

BloodoftheKings 07-22-2011 09:53 PM


slapguitarer 07-22-2011 10:05 PM

Now where will I go for br00tal metal?

:bouville: :bouville: :bouville: :bouville: :bouville: :bouville: :bouville: :bouville: :bouville: :bouville: :bouville: :bouville: :bouville: :bouville:

MPF 07-22-2011 10:06 PM

Sounds like someones about to get kicked out...

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